Could I be just another living receiver?

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  1. I dont need your hate or criticism. This was more or less a joke except for how well it correlated. I wrote this before christmas but postponed it's submission...idk why.

    This may be a bit difficult for some to read...or understand..and I get it if you'd like to detest the idea away.

    I'd like to mention something that really made my body quiver today. Through a series of events..which I'll name a few, I find myself too closely to resembling something a bit more familiar. Donnie Darko.
    This is a link to the book: "The Philosophy of Time Travel"

    This book is what explains a lot of what happens in the movie. What I wanna mention is my involvement in a matched situation as Donnie Darko. Skepticism at it's best..and perhaps a total but job but bare with me.
    Following the movie I began to think about things that have occurred in my life quite recently which I find all too strange.

    1) Two falls ago I received an award, as everyone does in my fraternity. This award is normally based on your performance and matched with something in the real world. This last fall I received "whats my age again" as I'm 25 and the oldest member. Last fall I received the "Donnie Darko" award. Unfamiliar with what it was until now. However it took a group of a few people to create this award. Why?
    2)Ensurance: I've had a fair share of unfortunate events recently happen. A couple near death experiences. I lost my job. Kicked out of the military for medical reasons. Thoughts of death have been abundant. Loosing a girlfriend for no given or apparent reason. One day randomly she just said to go. And without a fight I did, even though it tore me apart inside.
    3)I just came home and finally watched the movie. This movie has been on netflix and been on my mind since 2 falls ago. However it wasn't until tonight that I actually saw it there, watched it, and struck such influence.
    4)I find it odd that this is just in time for the "end of the world" situation. I have not been blessed with 4th dimensional power, however I've recently had nightly occurrences of random dreams. Sometimes very powerful ones-see below.

    Keeping unimportant details out..I was forced or voluntarily traveled to a new world in which after a while, spend time in a certain location on this new planet. There was a game, or a system, or something that led us to "play". We (among other people) were to play "catch" with this other world (perhaps earth?). This is all while we are free floating in the outer space. The world moves from person to person and as it does, it's something like you catch it and toss it to another. After a few rounds, it was coming to me! A tad far but I had it, i grasped it for a second and then it rolled off the fingers never being sent to someone. Instead it just stood there, while i was immediately sent like an air suctioned shoot below my feet. Where I was going or went, I dont know because I awoke. Because I "lost control" of that planet, i was done for while the game was able to be continued once someone grabbed the planet again.

    I'm sure there's more to add to the story..I just haven't given it more thought than it took to write this up. I don't know what my metal tangible item is..but I'm sure I could find one if I thought more about it.
  2. Dreams are fucked up sometimes man, I wouldn't worry about it
  3. Yea I know. I meant just overall though.

    When this came up 1-1.5 months back i wrote my mother a long message regarding some things about some issues i was having. Among these were reasons why I felt this way.

    "You dont need to know how many people there are, but if she has this feeling, and i know i've devastated a few others in times past, how many feel the same way. What else have i done to alter other peoples lives in a negative way?
    To contribute to the wholesome growth of nature in the way it was intended (take it as a sacrifice).
    To eliminate futuristic events that can cause pain or negative effects to other people.
    To ease ones mind of the terrors he himself causes."

    At a certain moment of the past month I almost felt content with the world and everything in it. As if it were truly meant to be this way of riding myself from this plane, as if it were intended to be done. Idk..

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