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Could deja vu be a result of a multiverse?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Rizo, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I feel as though when we have a deja vu, it is a glimpse of another universe that is exactly the same as us but happened before us, so our connected souls are seeing each others glimpses of reality. Maybe its us seeing the world a second time. What do you blades think? Could deja vu be more than coincidental?
  2. Id like to think so. I believe the energy that fuels our body was once some where else in the universe and think deja vu is our energy connecting a previous expirience thats similar(in vision or feeling) to what you are expiriencing when you get it
  3. I do believe this.

    There is no real theory on deja vu, just speculation.

    It could be our conscious remembering we had experienced something in a different time line.

    We live only in the present, thats what blows my mind. We are just existing, we can't go back and can't go forward so how do you define everything around you also is real?

    There is just a void, everything infinitely divides.

    Very weird. How are separate planets capable of completely different physical laws? Are they still there if we don't see them?

    Oh my this has got me thinking again. Absolutely incredible stuff
  4. Idk , but deja vue is hella trippy
  5. I've heard of it described as our brain storing short term memories as long-term and thus thinking you've seen something before or whatever.
  6. Pretty sure it's a well understood event, when synapses over fire and you kind of create two memories at the same time.
  7. in my experience I dream certain events and weeks even months later it happens not quite the way it was in the dream. is it a coincidence or is something bigger at play who knows and until we meet our maker no one will have a definite answer.
  8. yea but do we know why they do that?

    not trying to be confrontational, purely curious.
  9. Causes for the over firing aren't entirely agreed upon I think. I read that a lot of scientists think it may be because of a certain gene many people have that is related to epilepsy. Not saying if you experience this that you will have epilepsy or anything. Just that they believe there is a mild link between the two.
  10. Nope....

    Our minds cannot remember every event and every day like a computer. However the information of what you actually did is still stored in your brain. If i was to ask you what you did exactly 351 days ago your mind would be a blank. But if you have an event similar to what you did 351 days ago your mind would process it as a Deja Vu.
  11. I believe someday soon, possibly in our lifetimes we will begin to switch on genes we do not understand, enabling future humans to have abilities that only some have now. Deja vu, IMO, is an indicator that it's possible for all of us to have some currently misunderstood abilities.

    I'm not talkng xmen, just the ability to understand how and why some people have abilities and intelligence that surpasses what is considered normal. Possibly from a mutated gene or a switch that is off in most of us being on in some.

    I have my own theories about destiny, time, choices etc, but they're too difficult to explain in text without a visual aid, one of those theories actually came to me in a dream....and has proved true In the lives of those I've shared it with. Perhaps I'll draw some pictures and elaborate further later.
  12. I think its wierd that every one of us experiences this.
  13. I read that a lot of scientists think it may be because of a certain gene many people have that is related to epilepsy.[​IMG]

  14. I dont trust those stupid smart ass motherfuckers.
  15. What if there are multiple versions of ourself that exist in each multiverse and in each one something different is happening. So essentially you make a different decision in each universe. All of this is connected to your subconscious and then deja vu kicks in when something triggers it.


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