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Could collecting Keif Make Your Herb Weaker?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blueschill, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I was thinking today, if you have a grinder with a keif collector, because all the keif is coming off the weed, would that potentially make the herb you have just ground and what your about to smoke weaker? because it has less kief?
  2. Yep. To avoid this you can buy a grinder with no keif catcher but most prefer to collect the keif and smoke it on top of a bowl at a later date for an increased high.
  3. well since i just smoke j's it would be better for me to but one without a catcher then, so i get the full potential out of my investments
  4. Kief will still fall off of your bud regardless when it is grinded.
  5. recently i got like .4 off of 1/4 oz.
    i grinded every bud in my sac pretty much, and keifed the bud on purpose. honestly i didn't notice a difference at all in potency,
    maybe my bud is just so fire.
  6. The difference is so minute. I don't really notice much of s difference.
  7. Yep, but that's kind of the point.
  8. uh... no... assuming you use the keif later.

    even if theres no keif catcher it will still build up on the grinder
  9. Kief is the best for those "Damn im dry today" days.
  10. In all reality, if you're smoking quality bud it won't matter. Consider it the icing on an already awesome cake.
  11. I usually just collect what has fallen off buds into bottom of the jar an keep for a rainy day, haven't had that day come in 3 years so the keif collection is quite large.
  12. Went to a dispensary last year. Guy had a jar the size of one of those glass jumbo pickle jars. I took a double take cuz I'd never seen so much kief in my life. There were pounds in that jar, blew my freakin mind.
  13. You can still put keif in a j ;)
  14. Ok then maybe I should buy another grinder with no catcher for every now and then when I want a stronger smoke.
    So I get a slight extra hit
  15. it's sooooo miniscule man. haha.
    i doubt it'll be stronger, it's almost funny that anyone would really think that unless you're finding a way to really get tons of keif off your bud.
  16. I just seem to get a lot of keif with the weed I got every time I use my grinder, and the funny thing is that it doesn't grind weed really really fine
  17. I recommend a 4 piece titanium large space case. Best grinder ever.
  18. When I get my Mendocino Mulcher in the next few days, my plan is to save up the kief for use in making tinctures and edibles -so as to avoid all the plant material and related "green" flavor. I might also melt some down with 99% iso, filter it and make some "Qwief" as an experiment.
  19. i love me some keif.....but i dont grind my bud
  20. #20 rain dancer, Jan 12, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2013
    Have you considered using an electric coffee grinder and turning your baking materials into dust? It's my preferred method due to the complaints you listed. Also, when you get the mulcher and start saving kief, consider investing in a pollen press. Kief patties last almost forever and if kept in mason jars retain their freshness for years. Plus, having a few patties to break up is always nice!

    Edit: another benefit to coffee grinders is the instant kief separation, wheras the light kief sticks to the top lid and heavier kief sticks to the bottom. Tap out the bud then use a knife to scrape up nearly perfectly white kief and apply as needed.

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