Could Bruce Lee beat a chimpanzee?

Discussion in 'General' started by alicedee07, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Lee would die
  2. Sorry guys, im a huge fan of Bruce Lee, but i have to give this one to the chimp.

    Chimps are insanely strong, not to mention quick and agile, and they know where to hit you to make it hurt, I.E testicles:eek:

    Now if you gave Bruce Lee any kind of weapon i'd give it to him, like even a quarterstaff or something to fend the chimp off, but hand to hand no human can compare to a chimpanzee in a rage.

    Its nothing against Bruce Lee either, its like putting a fighter like Manny Pacqiao vs Mohammed Ali, sure Pacqiao is an great fighter, but Mohammed Ali is just too big and tough and strong to lose to him.
  3. im sorry but no human even Bruce lee could beat a chimpanzee

    they are amazingly quick and strong

    also Bruce lees strategies wouldn't work as well because a chimpanzee is less scared of getting hurt so it would just full on attack him destroying him with its brute strength
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    Chimp would get its shit rocked. Bruce trained his entire life to be a literal ass-kicking machine. If the monkey had a good grip on him and maybe got him on the ground, he might have a shot, but Bruce wouldnt let it happen.

    edit: all you people talking about the chimps strength and rage power, yeah, I feel you. But do you have any idea how FAST Bruce Lee was? They had to slow his shit down so people could see it in movies, the opposite of what happens today. Not to mention the fact that Bruce has intelligence and strategy on his side...

    I still find it funny how worked up we're getting over a fictional 'X can beat up Y' situation...
  5. I don't remember Bruce Lee having razor sharp teeth or the ability to crush skulls..
  6. I think Bruce would win,
    hands down.
  7. I'm gonna go ahead and say that if the chimp got the jump, Bruce stands little chance.
  8. This. And besides that when bruce lee is fighting somebody its fair, no hair pulling, biting, testicular grabbage, fist to ass?

    There is no way a raging chimp is going to lose to bruce lee.
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    I know man, Bruce Lee WAS insanely fast, but i can't see the chimp getting taken out by his punches, chimps aren't going to fall to a few punches, even a ton of punches.

    In my eyes though, if you gave Lee a weapon, especially like a spear or something sharp and long, he could fuck the chimp, because if it tried to rush him it'd get itself impaled.

    I think alot of people are underestimating the chimps strength, these fuckers could literally grab your arm and yank it off your body, it could grab your head in its hands and pop your brain like a melon, they've even been known to tear car doors off their hinges, thats fucking insane.

    Plus a chimp could use its feet just as well as its hands, they have way more control over their feet than we do.

    Bruce Lee just has no chance hand to hand
  10. Plus chimps have a much higher pain tolerance than humans.
    Just look at Travis the Chimp.
    Fucker took getting stabbed multiple times, ran off, then attacked a cop, got shot a few times, then wandered back to his bedroom to die.

    No way a human could take that much physical abuse without collapsing.
  11. Rofl that vids awesome

    Btw the chimp would definitely fuck bruce lee up. Chimps always go for the balls and a number of people have gotten their whole face ripped off by a chimp. There's no way any human could beat a chimp in hand to hand combat, not even bruce lee.
  12. bruce lee would win against any chimp
    bruce lee with nunchucks could take out a army of chimps
  13. Please tell me that the chimp on the right:

    [ame=""]YouTube - World's Largest Chimpanzee[/ame]

    Couldn't kill Bruce Lee if it were raging,
    because it certainly could.
  14. Man I dunno, maybe if Bruce had his nunchaku he could defeat one, or at least knock it out.

    He's fucked if the chimp goes ape on his ass though..
  15. It would be interesting to see a fight between some big name ultimate fighting champion and a chimp

    my money is on the chimp
  16. Yall are idiots....

    Bruce would do some crazy ass flying kick of doom to the chimp and knock his fucking head off.

    I predict 15 seconds flat.
  17. haha flying kick of doom? like this one here? (It happens at about 10 seconds to 15 seconds in.

    [ame=""]YouTube - chimp fight at the zoo.[/ame]
  18. this monkey could have taken bruce out:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Kung Fu Monkey[/ame]
  19. hahahaah, Chimpanzee riding on a Segway.
    might be the funniest video I've ever seen.
  20. he would have to knock the chimp out or kill him. it depends on how fast chimps are and how good their defense is otherwise bl would die for sure,,,

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