Could Bruce Lee beat a chimpanzee?

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  1. I'm blazed as shit, and I just had a funny thought. Could Bruce Lee beat a chimpanzee? I mean, Bruce Lee could do some pretty amazing things so I sort of picture it.
  2. Bruce Lee could beat up God if he wanted to, that'z how ill he was
  3. uhh this is just fucked in the ass... Depends on how savage the chimp is I guess but if Bruce gets to just walk up and snap its neck or something then yeah... if the chimp just went nuts though I doubt Bruce would get close.
  4. No way, man. Bruce all the way. Bruce Lee is certainly faster than a monkey, so even if the monkey got a chance, Bruce would be able to counter it right away.
  5. The chimp is at least 5 times as strong as bruce lee..

    If you put a tiny ninja up against a huge body builder it doesn't matter how good the ninja can fight when a single blow from the body builder knocks him out. :D
  6. I've always loved this school of thought, because it's completely moronic
  7. Please elaborate on your almighty opinion.
  8. Dude take a look at this picture of Bruce Lee


    This man was so jacked with muscles that had wings I (I know those are wings right below is shoulder blades). I gotta give it to my man Brucie against the chimp, no matter how crazy or how much Rage (anybody get this reference?) is injected into the chimp.
  9. Lets look at some simple facts here.

    Bruce lee is a ninja blah blah blah. I realize he is ripped as can be and I'm sure very good at fighting.

    A chimpanzee is 5-7 times as strong as a human, and although not trained to fight, they do spend their time being agile and quick in the trees.

    1v1 straight up fighting a chimpanzee Bruce lee would get an arm torn off no problem. Chimpanzee VS Bruce lee, bruce loses.

    Humans don't match up against animals strength wise, we use our brains. Why would anybody try to fight a chimp when they could make a weapon and use that?
  10. bruce lee would snap its neck in about 5 seconds
  11. A ninja is trained to fight and kill. A bodybuilder is trained to lift weights and flex.

  12. You've obviously never seen a Bruce Lee movie or studied his philosophy. One thing that humans have that the Chimp wouldn't? Strategy and technique and Bruce Lee was arguably the greatest in his field. He would kill that chimp in about 30 seconds flat, no contest.

    Size does not matter what so ever when we're talking about someone like Bruce Lee... I know it's just a movie but did you ever watch Game of Death? That motherfucker took down Kareem Abdul-Jabbar like he was a little bitch.
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    I realize size doesn't matter with bruce lee. Thats why you cant simply discredit the 100 lb chimpanzee.

    Chimpanzee's can rip car doors off, just recently a man had his fucking face torn off by a chimpanzee. A chimpanzee going nuts isn't going to be stopped by a couple kicks or punches.
  14. yeh a chimp will win.
  15. im sorry,but that chimp would fuck bruce lee in the face.
  16. Of course the late Bruce Lee could destroy a chimp. However I doubt such a match would ever happen. I would love to see Bruce Lee fight Kimbo Slice.
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    Watch this, and tell me the chimp would win,
    [ame=""]YouTube - WOW! Lost Demo of Bruce Lee![/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Bruce Lee Rare footage - EXCLUSIVE ![/ame]
    haha bruce lee is amazing
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    Now Bruce Lee and Kimbo Slice VS the chimp is a completely different story.They would rock that chimp hard.Giving him both a run for his money,and an explosive beating he'll remember.
  19. he could even beat up a bear if he really wanted to.
  20. sorry, but i HAVE to post this video in this thread. :smoking:


    [ame=""]YouTube - Chimpanzee Riding A Segway[/ame]

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