Could be moving to Commiefornia!

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  1. Well, my buddy and I are working on a startup and we just applied to a program that would have us move to California at the end of June and stay for several months. It would either be 6 or 12 months depending on the lease that we got. We'd be living in the Mountain View area (probably San Jose) and working.

    Needless to say, if it happens I'll definitely be blazing it down. Not a lot, because I'd be working about 14 hours a day, but I'd definitely be back to my gram per week routine. How much does an eighth cost most of you Californians?

    Words can't explain how excited I am. I find out April 16 if we got accepted to the program and if we did I will be moving out for sure! This is going to be the longest month of my fuckin life!

  2. Eights could go from 20-45 dollars depending on the connect. Most of the weed I get is grown in the tri county area. Outdoor, but a huge grow op so the prices are phenominal.

    You could get a QP of some bomb for 300 if you look right.

    P.S. How is california a communist state again?

  3. The gov't is a little ridiculous in California. I love the state itself (geography wise, and I'd probably like most of the people) but I disagree with a lot of the laws that the state gov't puts in place.

    In any case, I'm just waiting for April 16. It can't come soon enough. Holy shit I'm excited... I want grams for $10!!!!

  4. Because we want our citizens to be well off and a better life were communist? True some laws are bad but overall Ca, save for its high cost of living, is awesome. I live near San Jose area, went to college there, there is over 90 dispensaries alone in the area.

    Clubs usually have 4 gram 1/8s for 29 and up. Top shelf is 60.

    If you buy from some random it could be 40 or 45. However if you could find people it could be 25 and up.

    And like someone said 10 a gram but some randoms try to do .6 or .7 and you can get 3 for dub.

  5. Tis a joke, sir. Tis a joke. I know you're not communists.

    How much does gas cost /gal there? I've been looking at places to rent and it looks like it's about 1200/mo for a 2BR 1BA flat or apartment, which isn't too bad. I really hope we get accepted into the program, it would literally be life-changing.

  6. If you live in the San Jose area it is pretty expensive no lie, especially in the downtown area. Maybe want to look around. Maybe Mtn. View, Milpitas might be cheaper. However, the food is awesome. And if you do get caught with weed its only a fine, around $100.

    Gas is also rising up like crazy. It was around $3.84 and now its like $4.18 for unleaded, which sucks if you use premium. It's been slowly rising the last month.
  7. im in san jose but u dont deserve to come here with ur measly 1 gram a week when i got a dispensary across the street from my house

    and ur gonna need to get higher to be happy with all these damn communists around, its like an invasion222222
  8. Gram per week? What the fuck? That's how much I smoke in a single hotbox

  9. You'd be surprised how beneficial it is to smoke in small quantities. I've been trying it out (or I had been, till I got DT'd by my parents) and it's incredible. I get all the positives of weed (more active imagination, more sociability, better focus) and none of the drawbacks (laziness, essentially all the shit that happens when you get too baked). For me it works like adderall except instead of getting twitchy and fucking up my appetite I get hungry and it calms me down.

    Don't knock it till you've tried it. And I enjoy the challenge of making a gram last a week. You have to be really proactive and responsible to make it work.

    If I move out there, for the first 3-4 months I'll literally be working 14-18 hour days. I need to be on the top of my game and smoking more than a pinch is going to take me off. Once the company is off the ground I'd be able to sit back and smoke more (and I'd probably smoke a little more on Saturdays and Sundays during the busy months) and relax, but while I'm in the intensive it's full throttle, all day. I can't have something as immature as weed holding me back. Besides, weed aint going anywhere. The chance to be successful with this business has a very small window. If we're not off the ground by August, chances are we're going to have missed our flight.


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