Could Be Getting Expelled

Discussion in 'General' started by w33d_addict, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. This really sucks I might be getting Excluded from my school, Just when i meet a girl that i Really like, if i get expelled i won't see her again and i won't be told till thursday so i'm rather depressed, W33d will be my only source 2 Clear the time :'(
  2. Just get the girls number, maybe she'll think you're a badass bc you got expelled, who knows?:)
  3. Luke....what the fuck are you on???
  4. Why are you getting expelled for???
  6. I Know what i'm talking about liam so shut your Face.
  7. But what are you getting expelled for? drug related?
  8. no apperantly i'm stopping everyones Education By being disruptive :-(
  9. by doing what, starting fights and wrecking the school or what, that type of shit, its like that everywhere and the schools and government only think its a small number of people but i've noticed alot more people are wrecking the school and disobeying the rules.

    Anyway,i'm talking shit because i'm stoned,
  10. I'm always in shit for everything some times i dont even deserve it (or so i think).
  11. i think keepitUnreal is a luke.
  12. uhmm...I'm not "a luke"...I think w33d_addict was called Luke by his friend NewbieToker. this thread is full of crap, I dont get it.
  13. I get it...but its stupid. Get the girl's #, and have a good day, das it, thats the end of the post. I think. Yea really they're is no other point of this thread.
  14. Yeah, how were u disrupting their learning?
  15. There has to be more than just being disruptive...You can't get expelled unless you are doing something more extreme!!!!!
  16. Unless he's in private school.

  17. Good point..
  18. Well he isnt in a private school, I can tell you that.
  19. my head of year sed in an essembly that 1 of us is deffinatly going and he sed to like the main troble makers (me being like number 1) don't get ne more red card refferals, and i gone and got 2 already So i think i may be expelled, but theres always Hope.

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