Could an LA Riot type riot ever happen again and what would spur it in our day in age?

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  1. Yep.... but not in a race way..... its will be ether be political or rich vs poor way
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    Spot on. Ever hear the phrase, "America is only 3 meals from a revolution?"
    It's true. Like 1 in 6 people on EBT SNAP/CASH benefits relying on Section 8 and Obamacare.
    Imagine when the big earthquake hits? People will have no access to affordable food, fuel, healthcare, cell service, their basic ways of life? 
    Your loving soccer mom neighbor may be a nice gal...until her kids are starving. And they know you have enough food, water, toiletries, a way to heat your home, say with wood? You're screwed.
    And those who DO make it out alive, those who have "bugged out" per say at family and have enough in savings, or a trust fund or good earthquake/fire/flood/house insurance will still have to pay a massive deductible. 
    Mine in particular would be like $150000 down
    Also, those people per say are not used to having to go without meals from the store, how to heat your house with wood, purify water using basic means or even have a backpacking filter. Hell, most people don't have more than 3 days of non perishables and a fucking sleeping bag. Let alone, a case of water and a rain coat in their car.
    Now, imagine these people surviving a natural disaster?!
    Obama's Socialist Regime
  4. I think it will happen again someday. I thought it may have with george zimmermans acquittal, but that passed by with relatively few problems. I think if there was video like in the rodney king beating being played over and over again. Then there would have been much bigger problems. I also wondered if oj were found guilty in his murder trial what would have happened.

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  5. yesss easily, i agree i thought socal was going to light up after the zimmerman trial, but its only a matter of time i think, glad im getting outta here and heating north.
  6. As long as that garbage sticks to destroying their own neighborhoods I couldn't give a fuck less.

    Good luck in certain peoples neighborhoods though...

    Turkey shoot
    It could have easily spread in LA at the times tho. If it wasn't for the national guard it might just have. No one is safe eventually if it keeps going
  8. anything is possible, let's just hope it's not tomorrow.

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  9. Yes. It could happen for any reason at any time. And the country is a lot worse off now than it was in '65.
    However, I don't think it will be a racial riot. But rest assured, some will attempt to twist it into one. Remember the recent Latino riot in L.A.? Did you see the video where they took down the U.S. flag and replaced it with the flag of Mexico? That is actually an act of treason and I think punishable by death. But what happened? The government just wiped the Latino's fucking noses until they got hungry and went home.
    I don't think it will be racial, but politics are as fragile as thin glass. Or at least it will be more political than racial, speaking only of here in the U.S.
  10. Happend here in the UK in 2011 after the police shot a guy dead, i think it will happen again at some point.
  11. I certainly hope so. Its about time la provided the rest of us with decent entertainment. Couldnt hurt to thin the gene pool a bit either.
  12. I've always wanted to riot, and steal shit. I'd go right to the headshops take every fucking thing. 
  13. Now we have remote control airplanes that can control a crowd of rioters pretty easily. 
  14. Yeah. If the Lakers win the championship this year. :lol:

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  15. this

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  16. they got this trial goin on now.. where some white dude shot and killed some black kid cause his music was too loud.. kid didnt have a gun.. this guy just started shooting into a car full of teenagers.. 
    if this dude gets off then idk what will happen.. but id be shocked to say the least lol 
  17. Oh yeah, I heard about that. It was at a damn gas station. But yeah...Zimmerman getting off wasn't received too well by the black community. Not sure if this killing is going to gain the same amount of publicity though.

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  18. Plenty will be safe :)
  19. I think it is possible and will probably be a rich v. Poor thing. We could have a Marie Antoinette type situation in this country pretty soon.

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