could an antisocial loner-stoner wait tables?

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  1. Hey fellow blades!

    Here's a little background on my current situation. I was working at a farmers market stocking produce for the last year and half (mar 2010-nov 2011). I cut my finger in half and had to go care now and i got piss tested of course and failed that like a mother fucker so now i'm unemployed and the job search is not going good at all. My girl works at rain forest cafe in the grapevine mall and she makes some killer cash sometimes. Last year during december she made our rent in one week, (pay 766 a month i live one street from addison in carrollton so we have a pretty nice apartment).

    Now i fucking hate people but while working at sprouts on the sales floor i had to deal with people all the time so you do you guys think i could take a food order?! I've had a shit load of restaurant expierence but only as a busser/dishwasher/cook so i've never waited tables. Here;s the thing though, my girl hates people as much as i do but she's got skills! i've never seen her act like she does while she's waiting tables,she should win a fucking oscar! my god i just can't picture myself singing a birthday song or something lol tohugh. I WILL not be high trying to wait tables at work i'll tell you that. I'm not going to be trying to smoke some green crack while trying to take food orders lol!!! i was high on the sales floor at sprouts all the time but aggghh! I freak out when i picture my trying to wait tables,lol.

    we both hate kids too and i'm 30 and she's 28 but she deals with the kids too. They only start you off on a 2 table section when you pass your skill out after training. should i try it? i'm paranoid!
  2. Only one way to find out!
  3. Do it I work in a restaurant and I've seen people with no experience in the food business and can handle 4 tables you just have to make small talk about anything thst has to donwith the ppl at your table. The most common mistake people make is forgetting to check on tables. Even if you can't really think of stuff to say to the customers, as long as you give them good service, your tips will be good. Good service makes for better tips than just having a good personality without good service.

    That being said go for it. You can make good money depending on where your at. My restaurant is small so the waitress make between 100-250 a night depending on their hours and the night but I've heard some walking away with over 300 even as close to 400 on a good night at an average restaurant.
  4. yeah, i think i'm going to go for it fuck it. i can at least try! thanks for the responses! I'll let you guys know how it goes in a couple of weeks!
  5. Good luck man I hope it works out. Hopefully I'll catch your update
  6. hell ya just do it. By the end of the job you won't be anti-social
  7. Yea good decision man, good money plus its not that hard. When I worked at Frisch's I hated customers at first, but after a couple weeks it gets so much better. Making small talk isn't too hard either, commenting like "oh yea, I used to play baseball there too" if I saw someone wearing a shirt from the same league I played in. They tipped me! Which is important because I was cashier so normally I don't get tips.
  8. If your too dumb to wait tables then you deserve to be unemployed.

    So I hope your intelligent enough to wait tables, or else expect shitty tips
  9. dude you got it, just barge it. dont worry about making mistakes because they will happen while you're learning the job and all that shit. oh yeah we live really close haha peace dude
  10. Why are you so hateful man i can feel the negative vibes from here.
  11. I dunno if an antisocial loner-stoner would really be a good fit for waiting tables. It might not be as lucrative for you as it is for your girlfriend.

    What you can do however, it deliver pizza. You can make cash, still get a paycheck and smoke while on the job. That's what I would do if I were considering a job in that field. Either that or I'd apply to be a cook at hooters or something.
  12. I was an antisocial loner-stoner who waited tables, for 5 years. So yes, you can do it!

    With my experience, I had to almost have an alter ego at the tables. Sometimes it came off gay, but it did the job well. It might be tough in the begining, but you should be able to adapt. I miss being a server,
  13. haha! thanks for the replies everyone! I go for the interview today. I'm going to go for it,fuck it, i have nothing to lose at this point...except kush money! lol.

    and for the "if your too stupid to wait tables then u deserve to be unemployed"...actually thanks for that. Maybe that's what i needed to hear too. No, i'm not too stupid,i'm going to do it damnit!!!! lol.
  14. Dude i got hired at macys and made me do fuckin gay ass training. Basically have to pretend to be all nice and shit and we have to say hi to every customer. I hate it. Im not antisocial i just think small talk is a waste of my time, but they force you too. But then i calculate my paychecks. Then im like :eek:. Making bank. Shietttt. U could be the most ackward waiter but who cares, ur makin bank and ull never see the people u serve ever again.
  15. good to hear you took it, any opportunity that life gives you, go at it with 110% because you won't get another
  16. Do that shit the summer I usually average 20 an hour cash at IHOP, and that's with low priced food and a shitty tipping customer base for the most part

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