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Could a standard straight tube acrylic bong handle boiling water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ITNinja, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. The title essentially says it all, I think my wife would like her hits better if they where wet, but I am not sure if my bong can handle it, It's standard straight tube bong.

    Thanks guys
  2. I'm a little confused? You want to use boiling water instead of cold water to take a hit?
  3. Yep, I am surprized youve never heard of it. It makes the hit real smoothe and wet, kinda like breathing in the shower. Her throat cant handle dry cold air.
  4. Why does it have to be boiling? You can still get the wet effect with just "hot" water.
  5. Oh, Ok I wasnt aware, I had assumed that the wet feeling came from breathing in evaporating water along with your hit. I figured that since just plain 'Hot" water could not reach an evaporating point that the wet effect would not occur.

    I will give it a shot, Thanks man.
  6. Making the water hot will make the hit harsher in my experience.
  7. the water hast to be steaming a lot for it to work good but not to hot or to cool
  8. If you used boiling water and overfilled it even slightly, you could have boiling water splashing into your mouth and throat.

  9. When I say hot I mean visible steam, like the shower effect you said. Not boiling though. I wouldn't do it personally but c'est le vie and good luck.
  10. hot water hits feel really nice on your throat.

    it just feels like youre inhaling water vapors
  11. #11 PrettyLit, Jan 15, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 15, 2010
    your acrylic can take hot water Ive clean my acrylic piece with hot water instead of alcohol don't want it to break :] but yeah she'll deff like it better warm water - smoother hits. not boiling water LMAO.

    hot enough so it doesn't burn you, warm enough for you to handle.
  12. I cleaned out an old boggin' bong years ago with boiling water and bleech
    Needless to say it melted and looks well distorted.
  13. Water constantly evaporates, it just does it more readily at the boiling point, so yes, hot water will produce a more 'wet' smoke than cold water, though boiling is uneccessary.
    I could explain the chemistry/physics of the particles if you wished but I think it be uneccessary. Simple as: leave a cup of water out, it evaporates, did you boil it? Nope, hot water is fine.
  14. I wouldn't try it personally. It just seems like the acrylic would warp.

    I'd use warm but not boiling water.

    Also, to the people saying water has to be boiling to evaporate: have any of you ever boiled water? You totally see steam before it begins to really boil.
  15. try it or just boil some water and then stick the top of the mouthpiece into the water not touching the bottom and see if anything happens. I mean what do you have to loose other than a cheap acrylic bong worth no more then $20
  16. Just run your faucet until the water is as hot as it gets (so it's all steamy) and fill up the bong. That's how I've done it and it works fine. It doesn't even feel like you're inhaling smoke until you exhale.

    But uhh, I'd say try filling a plastic cup (if you have any) with the water first and see if it cracks. If not, you're bong could prolly handle it.
  17. Would wet hits + an ice catcher be badass?

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