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Could A Person Under 18 In Canada Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by vicctoriia, May 26, 2013.

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    I'm 15 and suffer from self harm, insomnia, severe social anxiety, regular heightened anxiety, clinical depression and I am currently suicidal. I have smoked weed before and it has actually helped a lot, my doctor put me on prozac two months ago but the medication has not taken any effect at all, my parents said they would give permission for a card if the doctor would let me. (counseling isn't helping either) 

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  3. it all comes down to your local state/countries laws on medical mj. also i know my local law permits it but requires for your parents to be present and sign forms to allow it. but the law that allows anyone to sell the medical mj to a minor carries some very very steep fines. so it might be good to have one of your parents get there recomend also so they could purchase it for you. that way no one has to do life in prison for selling to a minor. good luck and i wish you well.
  4. where do you live? i specifically know somebody who got theres when they were 15 so it is possible, at least where im at.
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    Good luck kid I hope the reefer can help calm you down some. I know it calmed me down a TON! But you don't need to be suicidal, your only 15 (too young for GC btw, read the rules); you haven't even gotten to experience life yet!! End it now and thats just wasted potential. Idk what is in your life that makes things so bad but obviously there is something. I think you need to sit down, meditate, clear your head and critically analyze the situation before you decide that you need to harm yourself or be suicidal. I am 100% positive there is a better outcome waiting for you than suicide.
    You should also be prepared to get banned from GC, you gave your age away and the mods are serious about being 18+.
    Edit: Whatever you do don't take that prozac, pills are evil!!!! They WONT help.

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