Could a hps grow light handle the outdoors?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by motoxer, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. And by outdoors I mean in the shop, no rain or snow in there but gets pretty damn cold, would the ballast handle cold? Like 20 degrees or so? Reason I ask Is because I am thinking about putting the 400 watt in the shop as a work light and getting a 600 for my grow box. Thought I would have a hard time maintaining temps even with a 400 but with good ventilation I guess anything is possible.
  2. Yes most street lights are HPS.
  3. True, but they are built for the outdoors
  4. Cold wont bother it. Once it's running it'll keep itself warm wont it? I know my magnetic ballast would be fine. Not so sure about my digi
  5. I remember once reading about a guy using an hps grow light for his shop. His only complaint was heat while standing under it. It's not good For the eyes either, but it'll work great, as many grow lights are built to withstand the elements (high humidity) etc. it won't be the most practical way to light your room unless you get cheap bulbs from homedepot (assuming your max wattage is 400 watts, as anything above costs a lot more, unless you're using "cheap" bulbs).

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