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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tainted593, May 15, 2010.

  1. Does coughing really increase your high? I would think so and it seems like it but most of the girls i kno are nurses and they say no. But then again, they are just nurses and not doctors...

    Also, what would be the best method to hide a loud cough? ATM, im chillin at my parents place just visiting them this week and been sneaking out at night like old times and smoking with my girl behind the house I have this weird cough bug that my family has and i keep coughing like a mofo really loud.
  2. I heard it does. However I can't remember the last time I coughed (I smoke blunts and pipes).
  3. Although many say this is a myth, for me, the more I cough, the high hits me faster. Not sure if it increases, but I deff. feel it faster and hits me harder than without coughing

    My experience.
  4. im an RN, yea, male nurse. and coughing could increase your high. when you cough, u decrease the oxygen arriving to your brain, which, ultimately, creates a high. but not a high from the THC ur smoking. just take it easy man, dont take a big huge hit that ur lungs cant handle, just enjoy the j or etc.. and ull get high. no need for cought

    happy :smoking:
  5. what he said.
  6. you only get higher because you deprive your brain of oxygen. Same thing as holding your hits in longer, you really only feel higher, although you kill brain cells in the process. You can't really help coughing though, you'll get used to it and will cough less.
  7. When I first started smokin I was always told to cough all i want cuz Ill get higher but I know its what a few of you say about the oxygen , and now when I do happen to cough i get a massive headache... so I try not to cough if i can hepl it...
  8. All coughing does is give you a head rush from lack of oxygen.

    If you're coughing you're doing it wrong and just hurting your lungs. Don't listen to the kids who tell you 'if you don't cough you don't get off'. They don't have a clue about it.
  9. Coughing does get you higher, but it just cuts oxygen off to the brain giving you a one or two second headrush.

    However, you certainly do not need to cough to get high.
  10. it seems to me that coughing happens when you take too big of a hit and cant hold it in. wouldnt that make sense as to why people cough and say that hey get higer wen they do? its cause your taking monster hits..of course your gonna get higher faster....and the oxygen deprivation thing sounds good but i like my theory better...hahaha:hello:
  11. Fact of the matter is, coughing does get you higher. Not saying that if you don't cough, you won't get baked, but coughing helps increase high, in my experiences however.
  12. Yes it makes you feel higher because of oxygen deprivation. If killing brain cells is how you like to get high I don't mind, just don't kid yourself :D

  13. Well, smoking kills brain cells in the process, and thats how i get high.
  14. It takes 2+ minutes of no oxygen to your brain for brain cells to die. Your statement is so fucking inaccurate
  15. #15 ShastaCola, May 19, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2010
    Smoking doesn't, holding in your hits too long does.

    No, in as little as 10 seconds or even less cells can die. Most people would pass out with no oxygen for 2+ minutes.

    But anyway, I've heard from friends that coughing increases their high. I would never ever want to intentionally make myself cough. All that smoke rushing out your lungs in painful and too unpleasant.
  16. you are wrong. in the documentary "The Union" they talk about the Heath Tulan study of 1974 and they say specificially they gave the monkeys 5 minutes a day of pumping pot into them cutting off all oxygen, then they cite the source of saying it takes only 2or3minutes for your brain to shut down from lack of oxygen and then brain cells die. so no its not for 10seconds. Ever heard of swimmers seeing how long they can hold their breath? having a cough or sneeze in a row?
  17. If you are at home and need to cough due to smoking, I recommend taking a towel/shirt and covering your mouth with it when you cough. I find that it drastically reduces the volume of a cough.
  18. same for my experience, also usually happens when i take a bigger hit, makes perfect sense to me.. :eek:
  19. Yes it may make you feel an effect faster, but it doesn't really make you higher from weed. There's no point because your only hurting yourself if you hold it in for more then like 5 seconds or if you cough a lot.
  20. uhhhh, I thought it actually made you higher because coughing opens up certain parts of your lungs that in term absorb the THC from your hits quicker.

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