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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by greymattergirl, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I have been smoking for close to 15 years..even when I was younger and my lungs were stronger, I could never suck down a bowl like my friends, without coughing to the point of puking. It's even worse now I'm older. My question is, daft as it may is there a technique to smoking? I have to thinks its me because I've never met anyone else with such little lung capacity. I smoke ciggys too, (ultralights) and I even cough smoking them. I feel silly taking 15 mini bong hits, and it pisses eveyone off cause they end up waiting for me, luckily they're to busy laughing at me. do you guys inhale? And no shit please...I know this is the sillest question ever.
  2. When I smoke snappers out of my bong, what I do is 1. exhale all of my breath 2. start sucking in slowly 3. if i need more oxygen i stop sucking in through my mouth and i inhale through my nose to add more oxygen to smoke ratio.4. continue inhaling through my mouth to smoke.
  3. You could discuss it with your doctor?
  4. idk when i first stareted i noticed my lung capacity brodened in fact a girl i was dating she never smoked weed so she did and coughed like everyone first did but its been like 2 months and shes doing massive rips i mean i can suck down my bowl in one hit and now she almost can so i think its just how much u take and holding it in cause i hold it in for those few seconds and let it burn
  5. idk man,
    do you take really big hits?
  6. I think its all about how you smoke most of the time. For a few years I only used waterfalls cause thats all I could get my hands on, and you dont have any choice but to take the whole bowl in because you don't even realize your inhaling smoke. But j's and blunts can be harsh sometimes and you simply can't take alot in at once. I recommend a waterfall or a really nice bong.
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    The guy probably has this problem using the same pieces as his friends.

    My trick is to inhale a lot of air after you took your hit, that way it helps resisting any urge to cough.

    EDIT : Maybe people who still have their tonsils are more sensitive? I still got mine and I feel they are often part of what tickles to make me cough.
  8. If its a bowl, you could let go of the carb periodically during the hit to let some air in.

    If its a bong, exhale first and make sure you arent breathing through your nose. Take one as big as you know you can hold. Work up to bigger hits.
  9. I don't think there is a technique to smoking, I think people just react different to weed. I've been smoking weed for over a decade, and since the beginning I was able to take massive rips, and like you said, know people who have been smoking for even longer and never could take large rips.

    I do what Bonkers does, I exhale all my air and even when the smoke approaches my mouth, I let the air out again, so I get more dense smoke.

    To snap a large bowl in 1 hit (so it takes less time to smoke), make sure bowl is packed with more loose pieces of bud instead of nugs (so the fire can burn it better) and suck hard at first making sure all of the bud is lit, then suck slowly, almost as if 1 bubble is moving at a time. It should get plently milky for you.
  10. I tried something new last night.

    I'd open my mouth as wide as possible so that my throat would open up more too. Then I'd inhale as hard and fast as I could. I'd clear the bong in 1 second. Then I'd keep inhaling some more to clear the throat.

    Now I can take massive rips like the big boys!

    Before I'd go slowly with my lips slightly pursed, bad me.
  11. I will try some of the techniques mentioned, and let you know if there is any progress. Good idea on the tonsil thing, but I've had mine out as an adult and it made no change for me personally. Im begining to think its just that some people can and some people can't. Thanks for all the suggestions! :smoke:
  12. When I smoke I take deep breaths and hold it but just barely. Just take a nice relaxing breath as if you just sighed. Thats what I do but hey everyone still coughs.

    Oh and ultra light cigs are no better for you than regulars, they just have less nicotine for the most part. Still get the same shit in your lungs.
  13. rather than sucking or inhaling quickly, sort of let your lungs just accept in the hit, if that makes sense. like, how if you exhale all of your breathe, then dont try to breathe back in but merely let your lungs expand themselves. is it like you breathe in and then cough out the smoke after you got as much in as you could and just can't help and by reflex cough the hit out right away? cause i remember when i smoked a blunt of purple, i was rolling so just took a hit too big too quickly and just coughed it out right away like a bitch, like i forgot how to smoke, which is why im thinking this may help you. you just have to slowly let it enter your lungs. start by taking little hits and progressing and getting used to building up how big of a hit you can handle... cause ik one dude who can whitewall his bong and clear it in one rip no cough, and i know other people who rip 1/4 of his size and cough it out. but coughing AFTER youve had your hit held in for 4-8 seconds, is completely normal, or even after you can count to 3. me and my friends rip my vaporizer and always cough cause the hits are just so fckin big and so much thc. idk i hope that helps man.
  14. ^totally agree.

    whenever i take a hit, i just breathe in like i would if i was just breathing in air, especially if its from a pipe/burb/bong (after milking). depending on how the blunt/j hits, ill probably do the same thing. if its really shitty, then ill inhale a small hit into my mouth and then breath in normally.
  15. my friend who holds hits alot;

    i was smoking with him, he took a massive rip and held it
    for an excessively long time, then proceeded to fall to the
    floor, limbs moving around and everything. he was laying
    there for quite a few seconds before coming to.

    WTF is up with that?/thats why you dont hold yer hits!

    (ps, i;m high. sorry this is structured so terribly)
  16. you sure he wasnt just being an idiot? Or he passed out for lack of oxygen, being an idiot, he didnt realize a spinny head meant BREATH.

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