Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, May 12, 2003.

  1. how exactly does coughing increase your high? I mean, I believe it. I just want to know the reason.
  2. not any coughing, but those big painful coughs that yo get from say a bong rip, those force the blood vessels to further exapnd and thus increases the rate at which the vaporized thc enters the system...I didn't believe this idea for a long time, but lately ive become a believer.
  3. Ah...well good thing I've got my 18" bong with some nice cold ice and water :)
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  4. doesnt coughing make the slime in your lungs move around , that might help the flow of thc into your lungwalls faster.
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  5. i have never heard of that before....
  6. as the old saying goes, "you dont cough, you dont get off"

    im not saying im a firm believer of this, but im willing to believe anything these days =/

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  7. I don't believe this idea. It probably has to do with the holding in your breath makes you higher theory (since when you cough most of the time its because you held a major rip for too long).
  8. You guys still around
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