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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OnePrettyHighGuy, Nov 16, 2014.

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        I've been smoking bud for a year now (not very seasoned, but i'm not a 'newb'; forever stopping and starting, i can go a week or two without & then spend a whole week smoking myself onto cloud 9). Along with the vast majority as a newbie I had coughing fits whenever i had a drag - this soon went away & i could take fairly big hits, about a month or 2 ago I started smoking regularly again, ('cause i now have a job with better pay), around June - September i was smoking more irregulary, a joint or two every two to three weeks.
       But now it's a different story & i cannot go through a whole joint without coughing atleast 10-15 times ATLEAST, it really kills my high & stops me from enjoying it, i know it's not my weed or the rolls because i usually smoke with other people & they can hack off a joint; I feel like it's because of my stopping & starting i cough a lot now. What could the problem here be & how can i resolve it? I try to breathe in with my nose whilst i hold the smoke in my mouth before i inhale, i breathe in slower etc. but nothing helps.
    Thanks in advance to all sincere advice, happy smoking, :bongin:  i'm off out to have a J, lest us pray that i won't cough out my respiratory system. :hide:
    EDIT: I also cough when vaping (with nicotine anyways, 0% nic = 0 coughing for me), bong hits and pipes. I would make marijuana e-liquids with 100% VG but i don't have the facilities..

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    The only weed that doesnt make me cough is very dry, old sativas...the rest, I'm coughing...the nature of the beast.
  3. Drink water before hitting and keep your cup nearby. I have heard of people sucking on cough drops while smoking also. I never had a coughing issue though so i can't offer firsthand experience.
  4. Just keep smokin and don't cough. Atleast try your hardest not to. When I was younger I'd take a huge snap outta my bong in my parents house and hold it in and I wanted to cough so badly but I knew I couldn't because they'd here me, so long story short I forced my body not to cough. Now I RARELY cough. It'll go away again don't stunt it

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    If your hitting a bong out it in the refrigerator before smoking and then put ice in it to cool it down further. Staying hydrated during sessions imo is a must because in my experience makes the negative side effects basically nonexistent (occasional headaches or dry mouth)

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  6. You need to go a little hardcore and do a few stale waterfall bong hits.... few of those little basturds and your not gunna be coughin no more you gun have iron lungs!
    I had that prob when I first started.... now I find it only comes with hard vaperouizer use
  7. This. I've forced myself not to cough and ended up training my body to never cough again.

    Try a mint while you smoke.
  8. there is an old saying...."Got to cough to get off" 
  9. If you ain't chokin you ain't smokin
  10. If you ain't chokin you ain't smokin
  11. Smoke out of a water filtrated pipe, the amount that the smoke is filtrated and diffused will heavily influence how smooth it is. Water cools down smoke so If you have a bong with a diffused stem and then add an ashcatcher/perc or have in inner perc and then add some ice your smoke will be significantly cooler than when youre smoking a jay....which is the harshest and hottest (temperature) way I cant think to smoke other than a dry pipe. 
  12. Thanks for all the replies, seriously! This is my first ever post to GrassCity (made account yesterday) & i'm stunned at how great the community on here is! - Nothing like any other forum i've been apart of, that's for sure! :hello:
    I'll make sure to invest in a bong or bubbler, i'll stay god damn hydrated because the last couple of times i've smoked i got ill effects that i've never experienced before in my year of blazing.. literally i've never had a bad side effect from smoking since this week :eek: Anyone else felt sick and shaky when having a J? May be from nicotine rush (Yes i know, tobacco, i hate it myself but ain't got the money to smoke tobacco free joints unfortunately) & i'll make sure to take the biggest hits i can in order to 'condition' myself :laughing: happy smoking! :bongin: 
  13. yeah i used to cough a ton too, but I trained myself to never cough, and hold the hit in. now I never cough anymore.
  14. I cough every time I smoke a fatty, to be honest I kinda like it so I havent tried to stop but really it's just what herb does nothing anyone can do about it except pray that they aren't born with sensitive airways, best advice I can give is just have a glass of water with you it usually helps me :smoke:
  15. Huh weird, normally when i smoke with tobacco in my joint I never cough but when I don't I nearly croak haha  :laughing:
  16. I cough a lot still, it's no big deal.
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    Agreed, staying hydrated is key. If you feel a cough coming on, take a drink.
    Sunny D is my go to drink aha, there is a vending machine on the way to my sesh spot. :smoke:
  18. Dated older thread.

    Agree with what others related about having drinking water at hand while smoking. One thing I do if convenient before smoking is fill up a cup of water and keep it at hand ready to grab at the slightest hint of a cough feeling. Everyone one I know has occasionally gotten a coughing fit from smoking and it usually occurs when one starts a smoking session with a large overwhelming draw. Some though cough more often or always that probably has to do with their unhealthy throat and lungs from smoking frequently. Any coughing is something to avoid as it can put one's body in an unpleasant mode unable to enjoy the high and once started is likely to reoccur with each attempt taking another hit.

    When I go into a lounge in The City I sometimes see people start to cough and then may suggest they grab some water as though they are not aware how that can help. So a reason for bringing it up herein as apparently fair numbers are not aware of doing so. As others have noted one key is not to take large draws on whatever but rather smaller hits. Coughing usually only happens to me when I am outside in breezy conditions and am the volunteer having trouble lighting the end of some roach so am sucking in as strongly as able trying to light the damn thing.

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