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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stickyglassOG, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. "ya gotta cough, to get off"
    if you've ever heard this saying, chances are somewhere in that conversation, getting high and coughing were also being discussed. I've been having a rough time getting to the place i'd like to be lately, and I was thinking it was because of my tolerance. after a session of a few bong rips that were bigger than usual - but the same amount, type of weed - coughing a good bit afters, I was higher than usual. I was in a better state of mind than opposed to taking smaller hits. 
    so my question is, why? why does coughing effect your high? I've always wondered so here I am asking. 
    Cheers GC.  :bongin:

  2. I don't think there's any way that coughing can actually affect how high you get, it seems to me that it's a by-product of taking bigger hits, which does get you higher. idk someone who's a doctor or something comment and tell us the science of it.
  3. ive always seen it as placebo, but placebos work for some folks...never really worked for me. just like holding in for 10 seconds or something like that....nah thats just lack of oxygen to my head place.
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    It seems like your higher because when your coughing the blood rushes to your head faster. You aren't getting any higher, but the high might come on quicker--------------------------------------- Smoke On! c(o.oc)
  5. This would make sense, because I too do notice that when I have crazy coughing fits, I get a lot higher while coughing.
  6. I love that feeling of burning your lungs / throats with too harsh of a hit.  Makes you so much higher.
  7. The reason is that coughing makes your lungs expose folded areas able to absorb more smoke (THC) and therefore getting higher. The way it's always worked is the more you smoke (lit. the more THC you intake) at once, the higher you will get. Coughing increases the surface area in your lungs.
    This is because your tolerance to marijuana steadily rises, beginning from your first hit. It's always better to smoke as much as you can at once rather than smoke a lot over 10 minutes.

    But now, the answer I'm looking for is now that I know that, is it better to cough before you take your hit, while it's coming out of the lungs (which is painful as fuck I might add) or immediately after the hit?
    What I'd assume is coughing beforehand to increase the surface area of your lungs and then taking the hit would get you higher, but I only wonder for how long it's increased, etcetera.

    Edit: from another thread:
  8. Abdominal crunches. You're welcome.
  9. Nah, better to cough after the hit. There will still be trace amounts in your lungs that can spread to the opened areas. The best would be to cough with a hit inside but yeah fuck that I'm not going to collapse my lungs for science.

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