Coughing up the black stuff

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    It's now been around 2 months since I stopped smoking and switched to exclusively using vaporizers. I've been experiencing the same black specs in my saliva from time to time that other stoners talk about, especially after hitting the vape. Now, I know this is just my lungs repairing themselves from all those past bong hits, but recently I've been vaping on a lower temperature (around 180c) and it seems to be clearing tons of the black stuff out of my lungs every session. It may be due to the Blue Dream I've been vaping which has a high concentration of a compound called Alpha- Pinene, which can act as a Bronchodilator, among other things. However I'm not 100% on that. 
    Was just wondering if anyone else had had this experience from vaporizing at lower temperatures, and just other peoples thoughts in general. 

  2. you answered your own question... your lungs are simply cleaning themselves of the nasty tar put inside them.
  3. Well, at least you're coughing it up and it's not sticking to your lungs. Look at it that way.  :bongin:

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