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Coughing up blood?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mushie, May 31, 2009.

  1. Tonight I woke and a bad cough. And in the mucus that came out there were specks of red, which I believe to be blood.

    I had 2 cigs yesterday, i'm not a regular tobacco smoker, I had some weed, however I did inhale some burnt plastic, not much. I know it was stupid but I'm here for help not critisicm.

    Should I go to the dr, or just let it be. Thx
  2. Hey I'm no doctor but i had the same thing happen to me.

    The blood was definitely coming from the back of my throat, both times because i took hits bigger than i could handle.

    I let it be and its fine now, thats my advice,
    But if it happens again or you cough up even more blood id go see a doc.
  3. That has happened to me and im only 18 have only been smoking for about 3 months now..

    I think you may just be sick..
  4. Doesn't sound too good.
  5. I was told that happens when you cough too hard and a blood vessel pops??
  6. This.

    No one here can give you actual medical advice. Go see a doctor.
  7. If you are young, then it is mostly like from something like a broken blood vessel (as opposed to lung cancer). But you should most definitely go to a doctor. Coughing up blood is not good.

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