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Coughing up blood

Discussion in 'General' started by Ripbowlz, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. last night and this morning ive been hacking up small amounts of blood i was coughing violently last night i smoke about two packs a week has anyone had this problem what did you do
  2. That's no good. Go see a doctor.
  3. Yeah, go see a doctor. That happened to me a couple of times and both times my right lung was partially collapsed.
  4. better end that habit quick man.
  5. i havent been smoking since it started for obvious reasons i think its just from coughing like crazy theirs barely any blood now when your lung was slightly collapsed was their alot of blood did you have chest pain could you breathe fine

  6. barely any blood is way too much.
  7. It's hard to remember exactly how much blood there was, it was about nine or ten years ago. I know I wasn't spewing massive amounts or anything, but still at least some small amounts. As far as chest pain, yeah. It hurt pretty badly on the right side of my chest, up through my right shoulder and alot of my upper back. It felt like some real horrible congestion but I remember my right shoulder hurting really really bad when I would breath. It was also hard to take in a full breath.
  8. yea i dont have any pain if this persist through today ill consider going to he doctors on new years thanks you guys
  9. I had a super bad case of bronchitis once. I didn't have insurance at the time so it kept getting worse and worse until I eventually started coughing up small amounts of blood. This persuaded me to go to the doctor. I got some antibiotics and tussionex and I was back to normal in about a week.
  10. I have had bronchitus before its not that i actually dont even have a cough it was just last night laying in bed then i spit up a little blood and i was like fuck so i think it was just from coughing im gonna watch it though
  11. Stop smoking cigarettes or try to cut down on it. That's never good man. Get it checked out.
  12. if your coughing up blood, i think its common sense to go see a doctor.
  13. I smoke a pack a day and don't cough blood, so I don't think it's the cigarettes, you should get it checked out though.

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