Coughing up BLOOD?!

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    Hey blades,
    so almost a week ago I wrote a post about how I smoked some shitty 1 year old grinded weed that I found under my keyboard covered in dust, human hair, and carpet hair. (i know...i know.. what the fuck was I thinking)

    Well, since last wednesday, I've been sick with a stuffed/runny nose and loads of mucus in my lungs. I feel like I've been getting way better everyday though....

    I laid off smoking for the first 3 days, then starting smoking again since I felt I'm getting better. Over the next 2 days some blood started showing up in my mucus when I blew my nose. Just a spec here and there.

    Before I went to bed last night, I coughed up some mucus, and there was blood in it. Not a few specs, like, at least a fat drop. Then I coughed up more, and there was more blood in my mucus. The next morning (this morning), I coughed up mucus 3 times in a row, and each cough had a fat drop or two of blood in it....... the thing is, I don't even have a cough. I'm just coughing because there's so much mucus in my lungs im trying to get out (as well as tar/resin from my years of smoking)

    I don't smoke tobacco... I used to smoke blunts for 3 months (4-6 blunts a day) and still have a blunt on occasion.. I only smoke bongs or doobies now, 95% of the time its a bong. I smoke at least 5 big bong hits every day, and have done for 3 years. I've noticed for the past year I've been coughing up loads of tar/resin every day from my heavy bong smoking.

    I went to the doctor just now, she listens to my lungs, and she said she can hear a bit of infection still there in my left lung... she asks about how much blood im coughing up, and I tell her. I remind her that I'm feeling way better, almost like normal. She immediately prescribes me antibiotics (which Im not going to take because I feel good, not putting my body thru all that antibiotic toxin bullshit for nothing). And says to return if it continues.

    Sometimes doctors piss me off. "Oh take these antibiotics, but if it still continues, come see me" like its fucking candy. She couldn't really pin-point what the problem was.

    Anyways blades... I can't say I'm not scared. But what's more annoying is, I want to toke so badly. What the fuck is wrong with me. I want to make edibles so bad, but I don't have a 4-6 hour window to cook butter in secrecy.

    Well guys... it just makes me feel stupid for smoking so much. Smoke is smoke, at the end of the day :(
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    No dude, ur being fucking stupid. When a doctor prescribes u antibiotics and ur coughing up blood, it might be a good idea not to rebel against the system and actually take them because that doesn't happen for no reason. If u have a respiratory infection thats irritating ur mucus membranes to the point of bleeding, take ur fucking medicine. I hope u recover, be well :)

    Edit: And don't smoke man jesus....either vaporize or chill until u get better......marijuana > life?
  3. I would suggest she gave you the antibiotics to clear up the infection - Im adverse to pharmaceuticals aswell but in this case i would suck it up and take them. What colour is your mucus? if it has a green tinge then it indicates infection and the blood is likely just a cut somewhere along the line. If the mucus looks more normal it could be a more severe symptom - while the bong hits probably dont help the mucus situation I would be willing to bet they arent the cause. Its probably an infection as the doctor said and would be easily treated with the antibiotics she gave you.
  4. Take the antibiotics. You have an infection and it will clear it up. Don't be fucking stupid.
  5. So first you smoke jank from under your keyboard which sounds like it included synthetic plastic fibers (and likely some sort of flame retardant chemical as well)

    Then you feel ill, but decide to keep smoking even though blood is coming up.

    The Dr. gives you medicine for your infection and you decide NOT to take it.

    Then you make a thread on a marijuana site complaining about the Dr. giving you medicine to treat your infection.

    You sound a bit slow on the uptake. Take your meds and stop bleeding in your lungs dummy! You do not want a major respiratory infection.
  6. Yeah not to be mean or anything but why would GC know anything more than what your doctor does. We won't and can't really help like that

    talk to him, not a forum of people who may give you wrong information
  7. It sounds like an infection caused by smoking moldy weed (Been there....unfortunately)

    The antibiotics will help your body fight off the infection, I recommend you take them.

    If you have a respiratory infection.... you should stop smoking until it has cleared up (about a week). Vapeing and edibles would be a good way to go if you need your meds...
  8. Dude take the antibiotics and once you're better you can go back to being some hippy who hates the government.
  9. I was sick and still smoked heavily once. I was coughing up a lot of dark mucus, like ridiculous amounts in the morning. It was taking a toll on me and I had to quit smoking for a couple weeks.
  10. heated plastic gives off acidic compounds...OP gave his lungs a nice does of acidic covering by smoking carpet fiber covered herb...and now has the sores in his lungs getting infected...sees a Dr but rebels against modern science because antibiotics are made by big pharms...

    OP..was nice knowing ya...byby
  11. didnt you know ? fuck the system, even when it is trying to help you
  12. don't hurt your body man. take the antibiotics, i see it like vitamins and fruits but all those other medicines and drugs are just nasty.
  13. If I was coughing up blood, I'd have a heart attack, that shit freaks me out.
    The best solution would be to take your meds (although it pisses me off aswell when all they prescribe me is antibiotics for EVERYTHING).
    Like you've done, lay off the smoking until its ok, Multi-vitamins to make sure your body is dealing with it ok, yada-yada-yada. You know the drill.

    Although if you suspect it to be more than an infection then I'd maybe book another appointment and tell a few porkies, ya know, put it on a tad. If you dont want to hike up insurance or pay or whatever (I'm from the UK, nooooooo idea) then dont.

    YOOOOOOU decide.

    P.s thank fuck for the NHS
  14. Hey guys, I realized I sounded really stupid.
    I'm sorry, I've just completely stopped taking pharmaceutical medicines for over 2 years now. My aunt passed away from antibiotics, so I always look to the side-effects first (which really put me off).

    My right ear just blocked up, I flipped out, I can't hear shit, it won't *pop* back to normal, so I've decided to take the antibiotics. Its just weird, because I feel almost normal, like its not a bad cold at all, but I guess there is something wrong inside me that needs to seriously be dealt with.

    The only reason why I felt a bit off with the doctor, was because it was literally so quick, a little rushed.. a 2 minute thing, I said I was sick, she asked if I smoked (I said yes), she listened to my lungs, and that was it. She didn't tell me what it could be, she just said my left lung was still sick. She gave me a prescription and said come back if it gets worse. She didn't even advise me to cut down on smoking or mention it at all after she asked if I smoked. So was just a little paranoid about her diagnosis.

    Well,you have no idea how it feels to have you guys support me like this, you really made me feel more comfortable in just taking this fucking medicine. Thanks a lot blades. I'll let you know how I do
  15. Take the antibiotics dude.
  16. A lot of the time they don't have to do much at all to figure out what's wrong. They just know what to look and listen for and what the things they find mean. Kinda like how a mechanic could just listen to your car and have a really good chance of figuring out what's wrong just by how it sounds (assuming theyre atleast half decent at what they do)

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