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Coughing Up Black Specks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by andynov123, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I'm for the first time coughing up mucus with black specs in it. I'm assuming this is tar. I don't like this. If I stopped smoking completely, but continued to vaporize will this solve my problem? Because there is no combustion when you vaporize so I'm assuming this will be a safer approach.
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    Phlegm. Its from smoking.:rolleyes:
    Edit: Yes vaporizing will be better than if you were to smoke.
  3. I know its from smoking. I'm asking If I quit smoking and just vaporize when that clears up will it never happen again since I'm not smoking my weed anymore?
  4. uh oh that is a sure sign you are not long for this earth.

    Sorry dude. Take up vaping till the day you die.
  5. Have you considered edibles? It takes an hour to get the effects but the high lasts for hours!
  6. How long have u been smoking for? Ive been toking for like 2 and half years everyday and never cough shit up lol, its probably cigs if you smoke them
  7. I dont smoke cigerattes and I started smoking weed everyday since spring 2009
  8. i've been smoking everyday (weed only, not cigarettes), save a few days a year, for the past 8 years, and I do not cough up black specs.

    That shit is weird, man.
  9. I didnt start coughin up black shit until I went on a t-break. Maybe you skipped a couple days of smoking and your body thinks its detox time. I'm pretty sure vaping would solve the problem, but you're still gonna cough up black shit till there is none left in your lungs.

    EDIT: I also notice that when smoking a bong or water filtered device I don't cough up black stuff. Just cut down on the blunts
  10. You'll be fine just sure there's no blood.
  11. Pics are the best way for people to help you.
  12. coughing up black shit is good. marijuana unlike tobacco opens airways and doesn't constrict them. this allows mucus and fluid to wash through your lungs sort of and get the black nastiness out. your body is cleaning itself.

    switching to vape is a good decision regardless of whether or not you are coughing up black shit.
  13. ur gonna die dude
  14. Im sorry.

    You have vaginal cancer.
  15. Do you normally smoke out of a dry pipe or a bong?
  16. I usually either use a dry pipe or cigarette one hitter

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