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Coughing,Paranoid,Roach Clips

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pipesmith, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Whats the whole thing about coughing anyway i only cough if i havent smoked in ages and i take the first hit of a blunt and maybe if its a joint but never a pipe unless it is a ungodly huge hit and i usally only cough after i took the hit and held in it for a while

    I think Im paranoid proof ive been high in front of my mom,my sister,on a airplane,in a resteraunt,and recently i was smoking a blunt in a car and i exhaled a huge cloud of smoke right when we got a red light and there was a cop car infront of us AND next to us

    I never used a actually roach clip but the other day i wanted to smoke but all i had was a roach so i found these medical sissor/tweezer things and all it did was split the roach in half...

    If you cant notice i tried to roll 3 threads into 1 making a "thread blunt"
  2. My research concludes that you are smoking yourself retarted. now take it from me. dont slip and get yourself caught up now....
  3. thread blunt lol?
  4. "Thread blunt" I'll look that one up champ.
  5. ? get me a thread lighter, cuz ima toke up this thread blunt.
  6. whos got the thread grinder?
  7. [​IMG]


    Attached Files:

  8. Someone doesn't know how to sober up...
  9. awhhhh i see what your saying, you kinda like mashed up the "Real Stories" with "Apprentice Tokers" annnnnd i'm guessing "Medical Marijuana?"


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