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Coughing my damn brains out.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dr.wright, May 10, 2016.

  1. Im very sure I'm not the only person who almost dies when hacking up a lung because they hit the bowl to hard.

    I just bout died lol. I could not STOP!!!!!

    Share your coughing stories with me :) Itll be fun to see how it goes *cough cough*

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  2. When i toked in my waterfall bong id always cough pretty hard and be coughing the entire time i was high with a bad sore throat lol. Happened everytime i hit a waterfall bong
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    One time about 4 years ago me and my friend were smoking in his house, and I was kinda new to smoking then. So I hit the bong and kept the lighter on the bowl for about 8-9 seconds. Right after I sucked in all the smoke we hear what I thought was his parents coming in the house. So I hold in the smoke to try to cut down the smell. My friend realized that it wasn't even his parents so I blowed out the smoke that I had been holding for about 20 seconds. Right after blowing the smoke out all I could see were colors floating in my vision before I passed out, LOL. Woke up like 5 seconds later and started coughing up a storm! Felt like I was gonna puke and was rolling on the floor not being able to stop, really sucked but the high was amazing:p
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  4. I usually only consumed edibles when I use to smoke but this one time my buddy let me take a bit from his bong and man I was dying lol. I only took 4 hits my damn throat was hurting but I was so baked off the first hit.

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  5. I had to drink water and ended up drinking 3 water bottles in 10 minutes.

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