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Coughing gets you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wavytoker, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I heard from a freind it dose.. i mean i choke ocasionaly but he said that when you choke (on purpose?) smoke stays in your lungs longer so you get higher.. i heard somewhere that 98% of the thc is absorbed in the first second, but whats true or not. Plus it burns my throat so dose it help get your more baked?
  2. i have absolutly no idea. BUt i think it does because usaully when i choke its because i take big hits. And big hits = higher
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    The THC is absorbed almost immediately. Coughing doesn't actually make you higher, it just feels that way because of the head rush you feel due to coughing, not the THC itself.
  4. I believe the majority of the THC is absorbed in the first 5 seconds. Coughing is just a head rush.
  5. Im not 100 percent suree, but Coughing doesnt get u higher from my experiences, what gets u high is the size of the hits you take and how long u hoold it in.,
  6. thanks guys
  7. I'm actually gonna say that I think it does.

    I've heard when you cough you're lungs circulate the THC throughout your body better. Plus. If you hit til you cough you know you're hitting your limit. Just don't rocket cough before you fully absorb that shit.

    I have no real proof of this though.
  8. you cough cuz the weed is good
  9. Or I cough cuz I quadruple hit it without exhale. :smoke:
  10. Ive heard it does, but i honestly dont think it does. Its just, when you take a fat rip, and start coughing hella, it makes your face feel all warm and shit, and you think your more high. But really, its all the same. Think about it :/. You think because your lungs start spazzing cause they're irritated its gonna get you higher?
  11. After a long coughing fit I get sort of dizzy and "whoa come back to reality" for a second or two. I think its just because of the force of your head being shook about by air/blood.

    I can't think of any reason why coughing would make more thc enter the blood stream or anything like that

  12. The theory i heard was that it opens up certain valves in your lungs which gives it more surface area which then absorbs more of the THC in the smoke.

    True or not i dunno but thats what i heard at least.
  13. You gotta cough to get off, yo

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