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Coughing from smoking...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by basedkyle, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. when I first started smoking (back in april of 2012), i would cough when i ripped the bowl too hard. then after smoking more often I found myself never coughing at all because i never took huge hits and i was more accustomed to the larger hits.

    but over the last 4 months or so, i've been smoking a lot more and just recently i noticed that whenever i start smoking (like the first hit of any given session) i get nauseous, my throat hurts, and then i cough pretty bad.

    any reason why this would start to happen after i've began to smoke more rather than when i first started? :(
  2. Idk man. It hapens to me when I take too big of a rip, and iv been smoking for years.
  3. "if you ain't chokin, you ain't tokin."
  4. I heard coughing gets you higher, so don't worry OP.

  5. Every first hit I have after not smoking for a few hours make me sneeze or cough its weird then im fine.
  6. Happened to me a bunch of times. Your throat's probably irritated as fuck. I'm kind of a hypocrite for saying this because I hate taking breaks, but you should stop smoking for 2 days and see how you feel.
  7. Mucus buildup in ur lungs probably. If i were you id try taking a couple day break. Try cleaning your peices also
  8. You might have a lot of resin built up in your piece. try and clean it. a lot of rez, lot harsher hits
  9. Definitely gonna try taking a break and cleaning my piece and if that doesn't work then I guess it's just natural.

    Thanks for the tips!!
  10. You started smoking in April of 2012? That means this is the first winter you've experienced in your time smoking. The change of seasons explain a lot of things.

    You could have a small allergy during this time of year or you could have caught a little cold. That mixed with heavier smoking will be hard on your lungs if you're not used to it. Just tough it out and try not to think about it. That's the only way I could overcome not having coughing fits; simply not thinking or worrying about it too much

    Hope that helps your inquiry
  11. Yes completely, thanks a ton man!

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