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Coughing From Hits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by heatfan03, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I have been smoking now the last 6 months (and loved every day of it) about 3 times a week the first 5 months and about 5 times a week the last month. I still cough a lot after smoking. WHen I smoke on the vap I cough to the point it really hurts and from pipes or bubblers or blunts I cough quite a bit too. My friends said at first I have to get used to it but I still cough. is it a bad thing. I feel like such a noob smoker everytime i do.
  2. Nah man, as long as you're not taking a fat hit and then coughing it up right away you'll be fine. I think everyone coughs every once in a while.

  3. naaa i am able to hold the hit in fine its just after i cough (I dont waste the good shit)
  4. Drink some water or something? Still happens to me sometimes either because my throat gets really dry and or the stuff i am smoking is really strong and harsh. Like the first time i smoked cat piss i coughed soo much. But yeah don't worry about it too much.

  5. yeah i do after the hits to help it, so its not the sign of a noob right ?
  6. Try just resisting the urge to cough. breathe until it goes away or clear your throat rather then coughing. But I always find coughing seems to make you higher.
  7. I used to smoke so much from a bong all the time that i got bronchila infections all the time...this would make me cough ridiculously after every hit. to the point that ppl would ask me if i was okay. i would just grab the bong and hit it agin mid cough lol
  8. Don't take as big hits...?

    Maybe your body is just trying to reject the THC? Do you cough when u smoke cigs too?
  9. Shit maybe you just got some killer bud man. That's how i am. If I have some mids i really don't cough that much but when i smoke Fire i cough a lot more often.
  10. good thought maybe the body is trying to reject it
  11. Nothing wrong with coughing. Just last night I was lying on my floor for like 3 mins coughing from a hit I took.
  12. Take smaller hits and if you smoke cigarettes does it hurt your throat still? Because it might not be the fact you're taking big hits or something, you're throat could have something wrong with it. When I first smoked out of a pipe I (foolishly) forgot to put a screen in, so I inhaled all the burning embers at one point. Tore my throat up.

    If its just the weed smoke, could be the bud, I don't cough if I smoke mids or something, but when I smoke dank that comes into my area now and again I can barely not cough after a hit.

    It could either be a problem with your throat, or just bud. If your throat hurts after smoking, drink some water, if that doesn't help, take a break.
  13. ok to answer questions

    1. I only smoke weed
    2. I don't get a sore throat or anything
    3. I have asthma (Which it helps except maybe just when im taking the actual hits ? )
    4. I only smoke the dankest shit. - Cali Medical shit , I don't know alot about it but my 2 friends from college who i go in with for the stuff said u honestly cant get better stuff than this.
    now that i think about it when i smoke anyone elses stuff on campus i dont really cough so it is prolly just how great the weed is :)
  14. What a noob, HAHAHAHHAA
    just kidding. Everyone coughs. If ya aint chokin, you aint smokin.:smoking:
  15. dank = cough
    mids= no cough

  16. You smoked catpiss man?
  17. Man... come on. if you've never heard of catpiss:rolleyes:
    But Yeah man it's a strain of bud that smells like straight cat piss.
    Last time i got some it was bomb
  18. Its cool dude. i cough hard sometimes too.
    just means youre smoking dank.
    plus you get way higher when you cough.

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