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Coughing Bong Rips = Better High?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ArtesiaBuds, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. Ok, to me whenever i'm taking some bong rips and i cough like a maniac i seem to be sooo much more affected. I think if i'm smoking some good shiznit and i take 3 rips and i cough alot i get more high then taking 8-10 hits and not coughing at all. Does this just happen to me or is it the same for everyone else?
  2. no im the same..
  3. well since coughing means two things

    either the weed is harsh
    you took a huge hit

    it you coughh casue of teh hit size youll get fuuuuvked
    im the same
  4. Around here we always say "You have to cough to get off"!!!! LOL.
  5. I've noticed that when I cough, I seem to get a little higher. Of course, I think this is due to the fact that I'm inhaling pretty big hits when I cough. :)
  6. Same here....cough hit=good hit.....Peace out....Sid
  7. When you cough, you drag in a lot of air (if you aren't smoking) But when you cough smoking, since there is pot smoke in your lungs already, it drags it down further, so you are basically breathing a higher ratio of pot smoke to oxygen.
  8. Definately cough and get off. big hits=better buzz.
  9. i know what ya mean. ya cough and get wrecked 'cause ya took a huge hit... but try this. take a cougher hit and hold it at as long as possible... then when ya end up coughing you get even more stoned.
  10. They say it here too, Flowerchild!!!
  11. in foxy brown (tarentino flick) they say the same.
  12. yeah when i cough wven the littleist bit i get extra ripped.
  13. Thanks for all the input. LOL flowerchild, thats a great saying!! i have to remember that one! Ay cottons, i have noticed that also, holding in that coughing hit makes you even more jacked up.
  14. and even in podunk CT the saying is oh so true

  15. yeah man ... cough can be good .... but right now the shit my dealer has is pretty harsh ... so u cough on just a little bit ... but yeah... bong rips are awsome ....
  16. Here's a trick i like:

    If you're doin a long session (3+ bowls), before you start on the phatty bowls, pack a little mini-bowl and cash it in one hit. Be sure to pack it big enough so you'll cough from it. Coughing opens your lungs up more, so if you cough on the first hit, all the hits after that will be phatty boom batties.
  17. "opens your lungs up" is a euphemism for "makes your lungs bleed like a dying bitch"

    when you cough, your lungs bleed. slightly. so you absorb more; -> more stoned

    it's really not good for you though...!

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