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coughing and puking... wtf is wrong with me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Growmyown, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. ok guys, wtf is wrong with me.

    im 20. smoking weed for 7 years. about 1 gram avg a day for 7 years. ive never smoked cigarettes, never drank alcohol (like 4 times max), fairly healthy, fairly athletic.

    anyways, after a few tokes, or whenever I start coughing, I cough so hard that I gag and almost throw up, ive thrown up before from coughing. it sucks. this happens 4/5 times when I toke. Ive got to stop because if I took one more hit and coughed any harder or any more, I would definitely throw up. WTF?

    I also have a friend like this.. he has smoked 1-2 pack of cigs a day and 2 grams of weed since he was 12. hes 24 and 280 lbs. so half of his life. he also gets this, VERY bad. he will get it off one toke. he is the most unhealthy person I know.... I hate to be in almost the same league as him versus the puking thing!

    so what is wrong with me, this isnt cool at all. I feel something is seriously wrong. anyone else get this?

  2. Is it dank your toking on or schwagg? Also what kind of piece are you using, water filtration makes the smoke cooler and helps cut back on coughing. Unless of course you rip the shit or it. Your not taking in huge rips are you? Try breathing in a little more O2 after you take a hit, this will help cool the smoke and get some fresh air in those lungs.
  3. You might be coughing a lot if it's dank shit. If it's just mids then I'm not sure. The only time I cough anymore is when I smoke higher quality stuff. I can hold mids in all day lol.
  4. Maybe you should take smaller hits.
  5. Emphysema or Bronchitis perhaps?

    You shouldnt be asking for advice online, you should be speaking to your doctor if your really concerned about your Health.
    Just goto your Doc, explain the symptoms, and your History, DONT LIE and you will get the best diagnosis.

    No need risking something potentially debilitating, and it might lead to a simple fix.
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    It's either one of two problems, and almost certainl it's this one: You swallowed smoke!

    After you inhaled, you swallowed, causing smoke in your mouth and lungs to go to your stomach instead of your lungs, causing a gaseous build-up. when you coughed, you opened the pyloric valve (I think) and rather than just the smoke coming, other things do as well when you gagged on the smoke burb.

    I used to have that problem a lot but only when I smoked blunts. Just try to take smaller hits while you perfect your technique of hitting without swallowing.

    The other possibility is you honestly just made yourself cough so hard you gagged, but my bet is on the first one. Any problem I've seen with people throwing up like that was swallowing smoke.
  7. Im not sure man. All I can say is stick to good, clean bongs, and stay away from joints for a while until u figure out whats going on.

  8. Take a fat snap of mids and a fat snap of chronic. Tell me which one leaves the worst taste in the back of your throat with about 5 minutes of spitting brown shit. I don't know man but in my opinion mids make me cough right on the clear and with dank, it's more on the exhale.
  9. Happens to me when I smoke some really bomb nugg, I hope you are lucky enough to have that as your problem. :smoking:
  10. maybe your swallowing some of the smoke or your smoking way too fast..... if i smoke too fast then all the heat and irritation hits you at once
  11. This is a common symptom of severe gerd (gastro esaphogul reflux disease). It effects your gag reflex and regurgitation, similar to heart burn. I have similar issues. As long as I stay on my meds and follow my diet I am good. The smoke (more commonly cigs, but mj too apparently) relaxes the upper sphincter (releasing fluids and gases from stomach to esophagus)on the stomach triggering that action. Stay calm and try and breath through your nose when you are not hitting the chron. Blowing your nose clearing the airway often helps as well......

    You might want to get checked out by a Dr.......Look up GERD and see if you have any other symptoms......
  12. TRY vaporizers. and edibles.

    The smoke may be irritating your lungs.

    Take a break for a while and let your lungs heal up maybe.
  13. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    what the above said...vaporizers FTW
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    This happens to me when I accidentally swallow my cigarette smoke.

    Sometimes it happens when I get a shitty joint and get a piece with too much paper.

    This also happens when I stop paying attention and smoke a cigarette down to the filter and burn the filter.

    I got some seriously fire weed, covered in so many crystals it was virtually white, had no stems, no seeds, amazing stuff. (Don't know the strain)... I smoked it out of glass pipes, metal pipes, and a bong.

    That shit burned the hell out of my throat, and It tasted like pure fire. I didn't think it was pleasant to smoke it at all, but it got me high as hell. It also sometimes induced vomiting. But when smoked out of a bong it hit smooth and well. Try using a bong or a bubbler with ice, it cools down the smoke dramatically.

    It could be the strength of the shit you're smoking. I tend to stick to mids, because of the price and the fact that I'm used to smoking it.
  15. its always dank.

    it happens from everything; joints, pipe + weed, pipe + oil, bong + weed, bong + oil, water fall, gravity bong, parachute. its a problem with my stomach or something.

    I take in average hoots... nothing too big I suppose. compared to my friends, im on the smaller end of the scale.

    after I take the hit? I find that it hurts the lungs more when I exhale LOTS of air after the toke.

    no, I didnt swallow smoke. ive been smoking weed for 2500+ days now (7 years) so its safe to say I know what im doing/how to smoke.

    I think youre closer on #2... its my gag reflexes. sometimes its even after 1 hoot!! I cough so hard i almost puke... I have to try SO hard to hold it down as I HATE puking. have to swallow literally 2 seconds for 3-4 minutes, then it goes away.

    I think you are the closest so far... this sounds very accurate.

    haha thats easier said than done. I dont smoke cigs or drink booze... so if my weed goes away, ive got NOTHING to indluge in except fast food and chocolate bars!

    thanks for all the help guys. I appreciate it a lot.

    +rep to everyone.
  16. I know how you feel man I used to be the same way. When that used to happen to me I used to always have something to drink whenever I exhaled because it helps you stop coughing. And like someone said above, you should just let your lungs heal a little and just try edibles or a vape In the mean time. Hope this helps!
  17. I have the exact same problem dude... I've been smoking for about a gram a day for the past year and everytime I smoke I cough and it makes me gag. My eyes always water up and I feel like I'm gonna puke and need to keep swallowing for awhile until I can hit it again. It fucking blows..
  18. yes, I normally do this. sometimes forget though and sometimes it doesnt help. ive puked up the liquid one or two times before.

    yeah my eyes water like crazy, I swear to god ive dripped tears onto the ground as if I were crying (I was coughing and whatnot). I also spit A LOT when I smoke, dont know of this has anything to do with it. like a mouth full of spit after every toke, never ending.

    definitely gotta get this fixed though, it cant be good.
  19. it's a phase sorta, you'll get past it eventually. As you're throat/lungs build a tolerance to the heat and irritation it messes with what will and won't make you cough. When that sensitivity is at a point it can stimulate throwing up, basically nothing to fret real hard just try not to hit it so hard every time. You can still get high without swingin for the fences every hit.

  20. do you have a history of asthma? or any other kind of breathing problems? also if your spitting up muckas or flem when you cough then you deffinately need to just take it easy and let your lungs get all the gunk outof it. aslo maybe you can try hitting the bong with some nice hot or cold water.:smoking:

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