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Coughing After Cold?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Russian Badger, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. hey everyone!, I was wondering cause i have a persistent cough and keep coughing up phlem (1 week after my cold). My cough is usually gone but it hasn't got better. Its not like im about to cough up a lung it just gets irritating. Does anyone know how to fix this cough? Should i stop smoking for the time being?

  2. cough drops? lol.
  3. Not sure where you are located, but over the last few weeks we've had a bug going around that had the same type of cough for a week or so after the rest of the symptoms cleared up.
    I got it and had a fever with a headache and coughing/sneezing.  Everything but the coughing went away, but a week later I was still coughing really phlegmy/wet coughs.
    It'll go away soon :D
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    same here dude ur just coughing up all the flem and shit n ur lungs. smokeing isnt helping clear ur lungs n thaot either lol but i still smoke to. iv been trying to cough up all the flem and i have noticed a difference in the weezing sound in my chest it isnt as loud any more so maybe u should do that to
  5. It's just so annoying and its def that... Its happening to my dad too. I've tried cough drops but they dont really work to well lol
    Yeah man - you've just got to tough it out unfortunately.
    It always amazing how quickly a single type of bug will hop around the country.  It hit a ton of people in my office, and naturally you think it's just kind of contained in your office, like one person got it then it affects the entire office.  But I was talking to a bunch of friends and pretty much all of their offices were being hit by the exact same bug.
    Then I talked to my sister that lives on the other side of the country, and a bug with the same symptoms (which I assume is the same bug) was hitting her office as well.

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