Cough Syrup Mishap

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Little Wing, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. So I was visiting my brother in Berkely, and I had a cold. My cough was annoying me so I pick up some cough syrup. It came with a little plastic dosing cup. When I first went to dose myself I looked for any kind of dosage label on the cup but saw nothing, I then assumed that the little cup must be a dose. So I fill it up and down the whole thing, four hours later we're about to go out to dinner so I do the same thing. Now at dinner I started having strange mild hallucinations, and had no idea what was going on. I felt incredibly out of it, and the strangest stuff was going through my mind. When I got back to his apartment I inspect the little cup more closely and see that it IS marked with doses. I also found that a full cup is a triple dose... So I now understood why I was so fucked up... I thought I was deathly ill or something. Anyway, it was a good laugh.
  2. haha do you know what you dosed yourself with?

    that must have been some STRONG cough syrup to give you some hallucinations with just two little shots
  3. yeah it was prob the combination of sickness and syrup? I dunno, two lil shots is nothin.
  4. yeah you need to down the bottle and then another to trip good, maybe he got some sizzzer
  5. I wasnt tripping or anything... I was just completely out of it, and was having unusuall thoughts. I thought I was really sick, but it was just from being overdosed... I also vaporized before dinner, which I'm sure added to my being completely out of it.
  6. hehe maybe telling us you vaped before would help. so you had weed in your system?
  7. Man i want some of that cough syrup. O just read you vaped, of course youd be somewhat out of it, well at least i always am when i vape.
  8. I almost never use any medication when I am sick, so taking 6 real doses of cough syrup (thinking I only took 2) after having vaped had me completely detached from everything going on around me. It was a strange experience, since I didn't know why I was so out of it, but it made a lot of sense once I figured out I was super dosing myself. Also I used the vape like an hour before I went to dinner, so normally I would have been pretty sober..
  9. Exact same thing happened to my friend, he drink one of those small bottles and had to leave school cause he wasnt feelin too good.

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