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Cough much after every hit? Try a cough drop.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by budbudgoose, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. If you cough after every hit, small or large, try sucking on a cough drop. 
    you can also try a few drops of honey on your tongue before each rip to help coat your throat.
    of course, you have to be careful not to choke on the cough drop by lodging it under your tongue as you smoke or off to the side of your cheek.

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    Do not do this, the benzocaine in most cough drops reacts badly with THC causing cardiac arrest.
    OP is trolling. 
  3. Oh yeah? Is he? Could you be more specific about "reacting badly?"
  4. Never heard of THC reacting badly with anything but the police.
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    lol calm down i was joking
    There are plenty of prescription drugs you don't want to mix with THC

  6. Like what?
  7. A cough drop or honey on the toungue would not quell my cough.
  8. Water works too :) 
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    I wasn't pretending anything. I was just asking.
    And I have used THC with at least two of the drugs you mentioned without issue.
  11. That doesn't mean that there can't be an issue. But the more serious effects are like when you are going to have surgery and the anesthesiologist needs to know all drugs that you have taken recently. 
  12. Well, I just got out of surgery for a hernia about 10 days ago, just got the bill from the anesthesiologist today by the way (luckily my insurance covered that whopping charge). I smoke about 2 or 3 joints a day, and have, nearly every day, for decades. I'm over 50.
    They knocked me out, gave me that shit Michael Jackson OD'd on, forget what it's called. Leaves you nauseous as hell, but pot really helped with that during the recovery.
    Of course I am just relating my own experiences here, your results with taking or combining any drugs will vary. But I can say for me, using pot right up until and right after surgery only helped me. Not trying to trump up the medicinal value of cannabis, just stating that pot for me is pretty innocuous when blended with just about anything. And I don't put too much faith in what has to say.
    have you tried dabbing the inside of your throat with some vaseline? 
    i'm not saying you should. i'm just curious if you have.
  14. Or try snow in the bong. So smooth!
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    Well I have 2 cups of coffee just about every morning with my morning bowls. No issues here. I also take tylenol and I'm sure I've toked up prior sometime in the past. They're probably very minor reactions that can have effect after long-term use of the two. 

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