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Discussion in 'General' started by grass roots, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. i just picked up a bottle of these for 6 bucks, and theres 20 in the bottle. Each capsule has 15mg of DXM, whats a good dosage for a first time trip? I weigh about 150 pounds..
  2. I did 150mg my first time and I weigh 115. It was a pretty good trip.
  3. i was looking on erowid at dosages, but they dont have a weight factor in them, does that mean weight isnt really important? I think im going for 200mg, its under "normal dosage" which is the second of 4, sounds good for first time...
  4. one bottle of robbitussin cough gels was what I took when I DXM tripped. Once I did 2 bottles, which was really fun, although quite intense, but I'd start off at 20 pills. Best of luck.

    Note: Be careful! About 1 in 10 people have acondition where their bodies cannot digest DXM, and this causes for a VERY long and VERY scary trip. Do lots of research @ before you trip. Read all the experience reports, and then judge for yourself.
  5. First plateau: 1.5-2.5 mg/kg
    Second plateau: 2.5-7.5 mg/kg
    Third plateau: 7.5-15 mg/kg (I think)
    Fourth plateau: above 15 mg/kg

    I think these dosages are correct.....
  6. take between 16 and 20, should be good n make sure u dont got nuthin important to do.
  7. last time i took DXM (last time for a looooong time, unless i get some of the powder), i ate 40 of those gel caps and drank a bottle of max strength robo. thats about 1,000mg, or one gram. i weigh about 160, and damn.. i didnt move from the spot on my floor for about 4 hours. to get a trip where i could actually move, i took about 800mg (2 bottles of syrup). for you, id suggest around 500mg.
  8. yo do yall know wat i should use when i run out of papers and aint got a pipe or bong??plzz help me i wanna joint!!!
  9. yea dude the 1gram trips r pretty fuckin intense, i did my first one in the summer (when my coricidin droppin probs began) and like i was so fucked up that i didnt wanna be high anymore. i thought that i was just a soul walking the earth n at that moment i thought i was gonna die and that nobody would care, and it was jus all good. the other time i did 1 gram i ended up stealin my dads car n i was swirvin. fun times though til the almost dieing twice thing, not to into that.
  10. yo i need help wat can i smoke out of like a homeaid pipe or sumthin ??? plzz tell me wat i should do!!!!
  11. okay, well im not taking a gram....

    I'm sitting here now with the bottle in my hand thinking of whether or not i should take them today, or tomarrow night...

    what do you guys think?

  12. your kinda off topic dude, if your really despirate you might just want to make a tinfoil pipe. Wrap some tinfoil arounda pen so its a tube. Then bend it so its in a pipe form, and pinch it at the middle of the bend for the weed to rest in, then hit it... I dont recomend using a tinfoil pipe all the time though, its not good for you...

    you might also want to try a knife hit, put some weed on a flat knife, and light the bud on that, then inhale the smoke coming off of it...
  13. take that shit!! u only live once do it now !! and help me wit my problem wit the not havein a pipe or ne thing
  14. thanks but thats y i asked if u guys had ne ideas cause im always uaein a tin foil pipe and i can tell it fuckin up my lungs and it taste bad!! but thanx
  15. allright, i think im gonna down all 20 pills...

    but if you dont wanna use tinfoil, if you have a pen with a metal head on it, unscrew everything thing from it, so its just the tube, then turn the metal head upside down and put it back on the end of the tube, then pack the metal head with a little nug and smoke it like a chillum... i did that once on my bus..
  16. okay, i just ate up all 20 pills, i'll tell you how it go's tomarrow morning... im real nervous, but in a good way, i've read a lot about it, and now im gonna experience it!
  17. should probably start a new thread for your topics...the button is right next to 'post reply.'

    roots...check the back and see what the active ingredients are. Don't take it if it has any other chemicals than DXM.
  18. well its too late for that anyways, but yes, DXM was the only active ingredient, its been like 25 minutes now, and i dont feel nothing. My eyes are just a little blurry, i hope it gets better. I took all 20 (300mg total)....
  19. it usually takes around 45-60 minutes to fully take effect, so don't worry. keep us updated.
    edit: oh and mind telling me exactly what kind they are? Ive been looking for some pills but I thought they all had extra active ingredients.
  20. good that makes me feel better, didnt want to waste it...

    im still feeling the same, with mild blurred vision...

    heres the pics of the stuff i had...

    EDIT: i took this yesterday when i got them, and there was 20, i just didnt put them all in the pic...

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