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    After smoking a good few bowls with my friend, got back inside and got some munch, was having a great time, didn't even feel that high yet .

    I lid down on the couch for abit and after about 15 minutes i was face down totally stuck too the couch in my own world.

    I was there for 2 hours just drifting off in my head and thoughts, my friends thought I fell asleep but I was perfectly conscious, its just my body would not move.

    For those 2 hours, I was the couch, I became one with the couch, and it was the greatest feeling ever. :smoking:

    Anybody else ever have this experience? Be it couch, chair, bed, etc.
  2. almost any time i smoke a good amount. :hello:
  3. yeah it's like, "hey tonight we will actually do something guys instead of just sinking into the couch" but at some point in the night plans get turned around and there we are sinking into the couch. :smoke:
  4. sounds like youve been smoking that "melt into the couch" shit... meanwhile im stuck her smoking the "cant find my keys" weed... doug benson
  5. Haha. I don't usually end up on a couch when I'm high because I'll end up laying on my side and falling asleep. :p

    I sit in my computer chair upright with my legs crossed (not the feminine way) and my legs like trip out. It feels so good.

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