Cotyledons curling after germination w/ pic, first grow need advice

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  1. Hey yall,

    I'm worried my little bitches aren't gonna make it. About a week after germination and the cotyledons on all three seedlings are already starting to fold in. I've just transplanted my rapid rooters into small pots, have great air circulation, low temperatures, and they are sitting 6' under a 400 Watt hps.

    I have a feeling I may be over-watering, or maybe the humidity is not high enough. I doubt it has anything to do with the light seeing heat is only making it down about 3' from the cool tube and my babies are 6' away. Any advice? Am I doing anything major wrong or just freaking out over nothing? Thanks.

  2. Hi there :)

    If you think that you're over watering, you probably are. How often are you watering? Did you check the PH before watering?

    What type of soil are you using? Is the soil still wet when you water again?

    You might want to make sure that rw cube is covered by your grow time it can get covered with algae ;)

    What are your temps running?

    Good luck with your grow.
  3. Hey thanks for the response. I don't think I am over watering. I water them twice a day with a pretty small amount of distilled water, about enough to soak the topsoil about 2 to 3 inches. The PH before watering of the distilled water is about 6 and the run-off is between 6 and 6.5.

    I am using fox farms ocean forest (which the taproot probably just got settled in) and when I re-water, the topsoil is either dry or damp. It is still damp though with the finger check. The rapid rooter isn't completely covered in soil but I don't see no problem or algae, at least not yet. I'll cover those up now. Temperatures are running around 78 degrees where the seedlings sit.

    I think they may be doing fine and I am just worrying about them too much. They were only germinated last Wednesday, so it has only been 5 days. Here is a picture of how they are doing, but they seem to me that they are growing to slow. I think I need more patience >.<

    The three large ones are Skunk #1, the back one that has barely popped with no cotyledons is a G13 Haze. I don't think that one will make it :( Hopefully I haven't already stressed these too much cuz they are feminized. Knowing my luck I'll end with some hermies...

  4. what kind of light u usein?dnt look very good for the young ones..6500k for veg.Dnt know if its your cam but looks 2700k or close 2 that 4 me.An try puttin your lights closer. slike there really reaching for light!
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    Ya thanks, since they were young, I didn't want to get them too close to the light. They are now a foot and a half away from a 400W hortilux hps. I think they are starting to look a lot better. The G13 is starting to rise too!! :D:D

    I may look into getting a MH though for vegging. It sounds as if that blue spectrum may be a little better for them.
  6. jus wanted to check in an see what the progress is.u change your spectrum yet? have u found the reason for the curling leaves yet? if not try checkin your the soil an the water your givin em.ill be checken back
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    I had this same problem on my first grow. I see that when you water you are not giving them enough.

    You need to give the pots enough water so that some (at least 1/3) drains out the bottom, do this once a day and you should be fine.

    The plants need the salts that they produce flushed out of the soil around them or it will stunt their growth. Good luck!

    EDIT: Once a day might be too much for such small plants. You should only water them once it looks like the soil is beginning to dry. You can test this by picking up the pot and weighing it in your hands. if it is still heavy like it is full of water, then you can probably wait.
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