cotyledons appeared but no leavs yet...(5 days)

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  1. Anybody come across something similar. Ok so I put my baby outsdie early when the tip broke through soil. I have pretty harsh sun up here in the mountains. I think it might have messed up my poor seedling. It has had the cotyledons for 5 days now and still no real leaves. Is it hopeless?:(
  2. Hey, im no expert but i have plenty of experience. I use the miracle grow type fertilizers, and have had no problem with it. Basically give it a very very watered down shot of nutes, you should still be able to see the blue in the water :confused: confused dont be it wont hurt your plant. Let soak for about 12 hours then flush every day after that with regular water for at least 2-three days. This should boost your seedlings growth.:cool:

    I threw some beans in the ground 6 days ago and watered it with a little fertilzer, didnt even germinate them, they sprouted within 3 days and look very healthy even though i geve them fertilizer.

    I'll come back and tell you in a week or two how they are doing or just look for my thread on this subject in this forum. Labled Fertilizing before germination.
  3. guess I'll try that...
  4. pretty sure it got fried. there's no way it wouldn't form leaves after 5 days.
  5. MJ is a tropical plant and can take full tropical sun immediately on sprouting, you have not fried them.

    But I find that as the cotyledons separate, the first 2 little proper leaves are there, small but beautifully formed.

    But sometimes plants go wrong and die, sadly, as do people.
  6. I have found that it is always best to start the plants inside first. once they become established then you can move them outside. Wait untill they have a good root system first. then put them outside for afew hours a day to climatize them. do that for about a week and they should be ready to transplant outdoors. Also if moving them in and out is a problem plant them outside but keep them in the shade for the first few weeks. Higher elevation can burn babies pretty bad. Hope this helps!:D
  7. Also try giving them some superthrive, before and after transplanting. This stuff gives the plant a nice boost.:D

  8. No, you do NOT need to acclimatize MJ to the sun. As I stated above, it is a tropical plant and can take full sun immediately. (Jeez, don´t you get pissed off saying the same thing over again to people who can´t or won´t read it)

    I do germinate mine in the warmth of a heated shed, but as soon as the cotyledons show, outside with them. They get leggy if they do not get sun straight away.
  9. [quote name='Spanishfly']No, you do NOT need to acclimatize MJ to the sun. As I stated above, it is a tropical plant and can take full sun immediately. (Jeez, don´t you get pissed off saying the same thing over again to people who can´t or won´t read it)

    No reason to get pissed off spanishfly I am just stating my opinion and experiences growing in the mountians. This has worked for me many times when just planting the babies outside failed.

    I hope you have better luck on the next one! If you have any questions for me please feel free to PM me.HAPPY PLANTING!:D

  10. IMO there is no one way , people have different ways of growing for thier situation.
  11. Ok people. Thanx for the replies. I wish it could have been burnt by the would be a simpler explanation. However after observing the bottom of the container the seedling was in. I saw the taproot coming through. I realized suddenly that perhaps the container was to small! The taproot might not have had enough room to grow and so the growth got stunted. It's the only explanation I can come up with. The ctyledons don't look burned (they ar a pale green however...recent development). In any case I transplanted it in soil today. Hopefully it will recover and grow well. Transplanting in general was hell though...My first time doing it. I really messed up the root system on one of the other plants I was transplanting...I cut the roots in half accidentally LOL. If it recovers I'll be happy man. It was my first sprout:-(
  12. Sometimes babies just don´t make it for no apparent reason. Sadly it can happen with people too.
  13. And I meant to say, sorry if I offended anyone.
  14. Yeah i think they got fried.

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