Cotyledon Leaves Yellow - 2 Days Old

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  1. I am trying to grow a white widow in my grow box, I recently planted her about 4 days ago and she sprouted above the soil yesterday. Her cotyledon leaves were yellow and I was a little concerned. Now today I started her on a 18/6 light schedule and her leaves are still yellow but opened up more. I dont know if I should be concerned or not., I thought the cotyledon leaves should be green. I can see her first two real leaves starting to form and those appear to be coming out yellow as well.
    The soil I am using is fox farm happy frog in a red solo cup. I have a little 4" oscillating fan on her and I am using a 7 band LED light 180w grow light thats on a 18/6 schedule. The light is about 4 inches above the plant.  I also have a 4" inline fan with carbon filter that I am running 24/7. Temperatures run high 70's to very low 80's during lights on, and low 70's with lights off. Humidity is usually between 30% - 40%
    Any thoughts why my baby has yellow leaves? I am watering her with deerpark drinking water.

  2. its not geting somthing to produce enuff pigment -_- hmm have you tryed using a diffrent light source to see if shell green up ?
  3. Are you possibly over watering? 
  4. Could it be the soil, if it's got too much nutrients for a sprout to handle?
  5. I dont know if its the soil.... I was going to use fox farm ocean forest but I was thinking it might be too strong so I used happy frog to start her. Fox Farm happy frog is a good choice by many. I dont think I am over watering either. Before I placed her in soil I watered the soil and let it drain for about 5 minutes then put her in soil. 2 days later she sprouted, I gave her a tad bit more water since I started lights on yesterday and didnt plan to water again until 3-4 days.

    This morning I checked on her and the first true leaves appear to be green. I will upload a picture later this evening
  6. Could you share some specifics on the pH and NPK values of the soil?
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    Heres some pictures, these are day 2 of light cycle 18/6. My PH run off right now is 6.0. I also attached a picture of the soil I am using
  8. nutrient burn
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    Here's a list of ingredients in Happy Frog Potting Soil:
    The only thing in there capable of burning seedlings is the guano. And even then, the humus, castings, oyster shell and lime should be stablizing the pH to a point where they nullify any burning.
    Can you source a CFL bulb? I would try keeping it under a 35-50 watt (actual, not equivalent) bulb until its second or third leaf set. That LED may be too bright, or not the correct spectrum for a seedling. I would also try to source some local creek or rain water, possibly dose that with a few drops of blackstrap molasses to get the bacteria in the castings going, and water with that. Hopefully that will help stabilize the pH and make the proper nutrients more available.
    You haven't used any bottled nutrients yet, have you? It's way too young for that.
  10. No bottled nutrients yet, I have the fox farm trio but didnt plan to use that until the 3rd or 4th week. I will try a CFL in the meantime and see what happens.
    Would the fox farm light warrior soil be better to use for future seedlings? Or should I just use fox farm ocean forest from veg to flower? This is probably the 3rd seedling I have had trouble with, maybe it really is the light being too strong. I dont know.....
  11. I know a number of growers that use Happy frog for seedlings and have no problems but ocean Forest can be a little strong for seedlings.
    I`m betting that the Happy frog soil is just a little to strong for that seedling strain. Some seedlings can handle soils  with organic nutes in it and some can be more sensitive. I know other growers who have had no problems using just Happy Frog and Ocean Forest for seedlings. I recently tried a mix of 70% Light Warrior with 30% Ocean Forest with no problems but I normaly just use Light Warrior soil for seedlings.
    It could be a number of things. Your temps at canopy level might be warmer then you think from reading the digital thermometer which should be placed off to the side. The best way to get canopy level temps is a digital infrared thermomter with laser site, their pretty cheap on Amazon. It could be that the Happy Frog soil is just a little to strong for that strain. Some seedlings can handle nutrient rich soils and some can be more sensitive. Your PH of 6.0 is a little low and should be around 6.5. I use Light Warrior for seedlings.
  12. ^^^ Im super jealous, I want to cry :(
  13. Recently, I've used Ocean forest for all of my grows, and my seedlings always start like that(with a small nutrient burn), I start them with a 25 watt T5 and after the 2nd growth node they start looking normal

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