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cottonlike substance in buds...

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by budblower10, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. hey guys. i jus chopped the main bud to my plant and i noticed that when the bud is spread apart a little, there is a cotton like coating over the inside of the buds. if u peel it out of there it closely resembles lint or cotton. i dont know if this is jus part of the bud or if it is a mold or fungus of some sort. i have pics but im late for work and will post them tonight. does anyone know if this is a problem and if it is whats wrong? the plant looks very healthy but i dont know bout this stuff. please try to diagnosis it if u can and if u cant then i will post the pic of it 2nite to give u a better idea.
  2. on the inside of the bud you say? unfortunately, it's probably mold.

    if it was attached to the outside it could possibly come from those seeds designed to "float away" which look somewhat cottony, know what i'm talking about?
  3. Sorry - it is mould. Pick it off and sell the stuff quick.
  4. you are a horrible person

  5. Come on Spanish, bro, what is the deal with that. Sell it, now thats not cool. :confused: JOE>
  6. You wouldn´t want to smoke it yourself, would you??
  7. Guess you are right - it would be a mean thing to do. Much better to burn it all.
  8. no need to burn it. make butane honey or butter:D

  9. If its outdoor, it could be little spider webs.

    I know that when I chopped my outdoor I had a couple tiny little spiders make their home inside a few nugs. I just use a toothpick to pull it out of there.
  10. hey guys thanks. u know whats weird, when i was looking at the bud in my basement, a damn spider was right around it and it still had its web attached until i cut it in half. he was like hanging off my pool table from his web and i thought "where did he come from". he wasnt actually attached to the bud at the time but he was close to it and he jus came outta no where. at the time i didnt think ne thing of it u know lol. but now, i think that might have been it. i didnt know spiders made webs in buds lol. also, i checked the rest of the lower buds on the plant and they didnt have it in them, so i think that lil spider made a home in my bud b/c i would think the whole plant would be infected if it was some other problem...? it looks exactly like a spider web looks but i didnt think it was that until i put all the pieces together (spider on table, no other buds having it, etc). Also, if it was spider mights, mold or something more serious, my plant wouldnt have made it this far im guessing, right? they would have ate it up but my plant looks beautiful. so if it is a spider web, is there anything to worry bout? should i try to pull it out or just let it dry as is...? could she have laid eggs or something in my plant lol. I CANT BELEIVE THIS LIL DEVIL lol. she was like the size of a skittle, is that possible for her to be in there? i gonna try to still post the pic but i think, and hope, that its a spider and my comp is very slow. thanks for ur help guys
  11. can i buy some of ur moldy spider weed?
  12. lmfao thats sooo funny, but it should be fine just seal it up good when u cure it
  13. I got the same problem bro. I thought they were spider mites but they work way faster and they only attack mature buds not the leaves. I found that if you catch it early enough you can just pick the bud, remove the majority of the web and inspect it closely for the spider(s). I figure it gives me a good excuse to sample some premie. If the bud isn't too infested smoke it! If its too far gone like spanish said put it with your scraps for some hash. To prevent these arachnids take a teaspoon of cinnamon oil and a couple drops of dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water. Shake well and foliar spray the buds at night or before sunrise so it has time to sit before it evaporates. This kills the little fkrs on contact and keeps new ones from making your buds their home. Smells good too! Good luck & Godspeed.
  14. thanks. so i should try to pull as much as it out i guess then. i rather not break the bud but i want to get the shyt out. should i mess with it or let it dry? also, i heard of using a dehumidiief, i think one is like 50 bucks, are they worth it. its drying in a upper room of house not in cold basement, so it can be a lil musky u know. if it will help a good amount i got no problem buyin 1. i have it in a box in the back of a closet with a lil fan blowing directly on it.i have a good amount of holes in the box to let it breath. sound good? but yea let me know about that dehumidier, thanks
  15. lmao +rep
  16. my new hero, spydee weeed.

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