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CottonCandy and Blue Moonshine...never seen green like this before...

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by devinh124, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Hey guys...so one of my buddies friends grew both of these strains himself, all completely organic. The first one is Blue Moonshine, this shit smells soooo damn strong and tastes awesome, although i have never seen weed that looked like this before in my life, wat do u guys think? And this other stuff he grew is called Cotton Candy, looks the same and the shit actually tastes like cotton candy and when u inhale into your lungs, shit feels like its stickin to the inside of you haha, this is some of the weirdest/best shit ive ever seen or smoked.....

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  2. now that sir is some piff enjoy that shit brotha
  3. that is not piff but looks nice and i dont like that it feels like it sticks to your lungs not a good sign might need to cure more but still nice job
  4. Don't hate on his post, that weed is probably better than anything your sorry ass could ever get. But anyway, nice fucking pickup man, some beautiful homegrown right there.
  5. yeah shit looks real good. and sticcckkkaaay!!! Wake and bake =]
  6. when i say its like it stick to your lungs, i mean for that to be a damn good thing haha, it fuckin feels like there's sticky cotton candy in ur stomach
  7. haha i'm really surprised you've got cotton candy. see if your dude got it from oregon :)
  8. nah he didnt get it from oregon...he actually grew this stuff himself...

  9. ok??:confused:
  10. Sounds like a redneck's carnival.
  11. looks fresh and sticky!!!!!
  12. you can tell thats homegrown

  13. That's precisely why it looks like that. Prob could use a bit more curing. Good shit tho.
  14. I love cotton candy! I picked up a g of that a few weeks ago and it was delicious. It was so sticky and the high was great. Very active, get up and do stuff high.
  15. It looks amazing and like it would be extremely sick to smoke, but honestly it looks like your friend harvested wayyyy to early
  16. ya a few people have mentioned they thought it could use some more curing, ne good ways i could try to help it cure some more?!!?

  17. get a tight Vac or a good glass jar, put the bud in there, and let it sit in a dark room (closet) for a while. :p:eek:

  18. Dude nobody is showing hate on this post. Smoke a bowl and chill. By the way, don't ever assume the quality of weed that someone else could get. The possibilities are endless on dank, so don't shoot stupid sentences such as "it's better than anything you'r sorry ass could ever get". With that sentence you'r also implying that you don't even have weed like that.....:D:smoking:

  19. ya i think i may do this...so if i do this wat exactly will it cause the bud to do?

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