Cotton stuck in swirled pipe

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  1. So I have this cool pipe I got really cheap. It’s nice and very detailed. It’s inside it’s like swirled as seen in the pic. I tried to clean it out with a Qtip (yes I know) I just wanted to get the last few pieces of resin but the cotton got stuck. I’ve tried everything. Bobby pins, iso n salt, blowing it, flushing, oil, lube…to make it easier. I even boiled the damn pipe in water…can someone plz help me. I made a simple rookie stoner mistake and it’s been this way for months :( I hope you can see. My other pics couldn’t load. It’s stuff in the spiral close to the top

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  2. Have you tried a.........................................pipe cleaner?
  3. Yes I have. Since it’s swirled it’s hard to get the right angle and push it out. I even cut off the little bristles so I can have a long thin object to push it,still didn’t work
  4. Find somebody with an air compressor. A shot of 100psi air will shoot that Q-tip out like a booger from your nose.
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  5. I’ll have to ask my Dad when I get home. Thank you
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  6. Cover the hole you pack your weed in with your thumb and aim hot water through the carb. This gets resin out when iso and salt don't work, so it'll probably get the cotton ball out. It probably dried to the wax and that's why it's stuck.

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