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Cotton mouth ftl?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Reefercakes, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Everytime I smoke I get cotton mouth. As does almost everyone. Just wondering if there is one person out there that doesn't get it? When I smoke enough it almost gets to the point that I NEED water by me, and if i'm baked enough it's like a battle against it. And when I run out of water, I wont want to get up so i'll say fuck it and just go to sleep. lol fail right? Did I bitch enough for ya? I still love weed and will never not smoke it because of cotton mouth.:bongin:
  2. Keep a full 1L bottle with you at all times. Seriously.
    I never did this before I started smoking weed, but now it's such a habit that I've ALWAYS got water with me. Feels way better than being dehydrated all the time.

    Water is amazing--I mean, it's one of the only things that we desperately need in order to function, hell, to live...and it falls from the fucking sky.

    Gotta love it :hello:
  3. Sometimes I get it bad as hell, other times I don't get it at all. It's weird.
  4. Water is awesome, no one should ever turn down water.
  5. The more bud and danker the bud i smoke the worse i get it. I mainly just need something to help my throat out though, not so much cotton mouth.

    Have been getting it the worst in the middle of the night though lately, i just wake up dehydrated and run to the fridge
  6. Best cure for cotton-mouth: Salt.
  7. yarly.

    try it. MIND WILL BE BLOWN

  8. Cant forget the saltine crackers.
  9. haha When i was a kiddie I almost died of cotton mouth

    I stuck a whole zebra cake in my mouth and proceded to chew, the zebra cake became a glob of cake and when i went to swalllow it got loged in my throat.

    cotton mouth FTL

    I only get it rarely, more so when i'm blazing outside or when i'm outside for a long period of time.
  10. I almost never get cotton mouth, really. It's due to my tolerence being raised. I remember waking up when I first started smoking in the middle of the night just to drink after I'd get high in the evening. Those times are looonng gone :eek:

  11. absolutley man, i always have a satchel type of bag on me at all times, that has every thing i could possible need for a night out at a 'sesh' :p this always includes a litre bottle of water/some type of pop that i fancied thatday:D

    but water is deffinatley the daddy..

    and i've never met anybody who doesn't suffer from dry mouth tbh, thats some god damn magic mouth you have if you don't suffer after weed :p
  12. Can't quite remember the last time I got cottonmouth, must have been a few months ago at least. Only rarely happens to me but when it happens it gets BAD. :(

    Normally I just drink something and get hydrated and it's fine.
  13. It doesn't happen to me now after I smoked like an 8th from the vape, my mouth and throat got so dry that I threw up.
  14. Ya, its not too hard to drink water I guess.
  15. This is what I experience as well.
  16. i always try to carry around some peppermints with me to combat it; peppermints cure cottonmouth, they're an appetite suppressant(less munchie overload), they soothe the stomach, and give you a little boost of energy and alertness.
  17. I have only gotten it ONCE in a year and a 1/2 of smoking daily..

    it was last 420. we were smokin tulip joints and between four of us we had 2 in rotation. and I was like HOLY SHIT this is what cotton mouth is..aha

    I get thirsty, but this shit was insane.
  18. Ahh. I was just about to suggest peppermints!
    Although I also carry around water, peppermints really do the trick. Just grab a sack of 'em and through five or so in your stoner-pack.

    New checklist:

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