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Cotton Like Hairs in My Weed... :(

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by gnr234, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. I would really like to know what is going on here. Basically what I have is a lot of these hair like strands of what looks like cotton (it's not hair) and i have to pull it out. Most of the time its fairly stuck in the middle and all the way through the nug. Any ideas?
  2. Pics?

    Do you have cotton trees anywhere near by?

    What is your grow area like? Sealed closet? Full room? What is your vetilation system?
  3. I have seen this in some people's indoor grows who are not careful about what they wear in the grow room and where fans are placed, etc.

    If you have fans in your grow room that blow directly onto buds or pretty close to buds, then any little fiber that floats by into that fan is going to get blown right into a nug, where of course it will get stuck. Most of these fibers probably come from the clothing you wear when near the grow area. Cotton clothes can lose these tiny fibers without you even noticing and over time they can build up in your buds. The buds start to grow around a fiber that you don't notice and pretty soon that fiber is stuck all inside the bud which has grown around it.

    My best adivce is to wear clean, non-cotton clothes (something like polyester, or leather, etc will not have the little fibers that cotton shirts or sweatpants have. Watch out for cotton socks that lose lots of fibers too. Try to keep these items as far away from the fans and grow area as you can, to prevent as many fibers from getting blowin in there as you can.
  4. We need some pictures to confirm what your seeing


    There is a decent chance that this is mold if the cannabis was not properly dried or if there was high humidity during growing. Smoking moldy weed is one worst things you can do for your lungs. Mold spores in your lungs can be a serious problem.

    Seriously, its just not worth the risk.
  5. sell it to an 8th grader.
  6. i know what your talkin about man.

    i really dont know what the fuck they are either
  7. gnr, your buds are still on the plants, right? Not already cut and dried? You should look to make sure it is not a mold problem, but if it is just a few strands of what appear to be cotton fibers, that probably is exactly what it is. I have seen it before quite a few times is the only reason I'm pushing this diagnosis. Pics would definitely help as well as what your fan/vent system is like and your cleanliness level when you work in your grow area. :)

    Also what are your temps and humidity levels to help confirm or rule out mold issues?
  8. i see no ones suggested you have or had spider mites during the grow, & what your seeing now is the 'web' the make/leave on & in your buds, just another possiblity to consider as it sounds alot like a web
  9. Yeah, I was thinking possible mite infestation as well.
  10. yea well its just the way you explined it & without pics, it was first thing that shot to mind lol, but it does sound like it,

    is this bud already harvested? is thats the case i dont think theres alot that can be done, but i guess atleast its much safer to smoke than say moldy bud

    did you have any bug issues in the grow? sometimes spider mites can go un-noticed
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    First of all: Correct me if I'm wrong, but gnr234 never said he was a grower. He might be getting this bud from his dealer, in which case I'd say find a new connect.

    EDIT: just realized what section this was posted in. Duh.

    Secondly: +rep to CorpAmerica. Good advice. Way too many people around here have the "roll it up, smoke it, and then ask questions later" mentality.
  12. Do you have a cat? They can really get your buds hairy easily.
  13. Okay so I apologize because I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread... but I figure someone can still help me so I'll leave it here if it's not a big deal.

    Now to answer all questions.

    1. I do not grow
    2. I grabbed about 5 or 6 grams from my dealer (who doesn't grow himself and doesn't know any growing conditions)
    3. I know it isn't something intentional (ex. they knew it was moldy or infested w.e) , just trust me
    4. I only found it in about 1 g of the 6 g
    5. My dealer is also my friend so he told me it wasn't in any of the rest of the ounce he bought.
    6. I don't have pictures because I took off all the strands and smoked it.
    7. Don't freak out there wasn't THAT much and I am positive I got it all off.
    8. I know what moldy weed looks like and it wasn't moldy.
    9. It wasn't human hair or cat hair.
    10. It had the exact same properties of a strong cotton fiber so I don't think it was a spider web (plus it was in 1 gram out of an ounce so its not like the whole batch was contaminated)
    11. I literally slid the nugs off of the strands and eventually just bundled it and threw it out.
  14. could of been dust
  15. Yeah it was probably just some random fuzz that got on your bud from the cotton fibers in clothing or whatever.

    Just as long as it wasn't mold, that shit'll fuck your day up :eek:
  16. Well, I never really thought it was mold, so I think you're okay. But, answer me this; did the fibers connect to two points on the bud, or were they just kinda "hanging out"? Did they seem elastic?

    If the fibers were connected at both ends and seemed somewhat strechy when removed, then it was most likely a spidermite web. If they were kinda curly and just hanging off the bud, it was probably a cotton fiber or something.
    Hope that helps.
  17. bro i think you are worried over nothing. it was probably just some string the grower used to train his plants. he propably had to tie down a cola or two.

    you smoked it and still typing right? ..seems safe to me. :p
  18. the cotton like hairs are from these white bugs that leave like cotton behind an they jump around, there little white bugs trust me, im a outdoor grower
  19. This thread epitomizes the need for nationwide legalization. It's about damn time we stop worrying about indecipherable foreign objects in our buds.
  20. Sometimes, the true "hemp" characteristic comes out with certain strains,
    hence, the fibrousness of the weed.


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