Cotton candy x lemonskunk

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by whoandi, Apr 22, 2001.

  1. Here is a lil clone i harvested a few days ago
    grow guy i know you will like these hehehehe

  2. here is a close up of the cola

  3. High

    As usual it looks YUMMY!!!
  4. sure looks good my friend, BUT my lil girls did not make it RIP :( So guess I'll never know how great the buds were, fuckin puppys! I feel a dennis miller moment coming on, better shut up,LMAO!
  5. I thought that bud was soooooooooooooo beautiful! I pray my babies make it! ;)
  6. Hi grow guy :)
    nice too see you back online
    sorry to hear about the loss of the clones
    was it my packageing that killed them??

    Im sure the bud fairy will send you a lil bit reall soon hehehehehe so you can sample it
  7. nope you packed them fine it was the ph of the rookwool i think at first, and then well huricane puppy came though the grow room,lol,and wiped the rest of them out,lol.
    ahhh the good ol bud fairy, given some good comp to the tooth fairy LOL, atleast i don't have to loss a tooth.
    p.s. nice pix, whats new, always are.
    Take care.
  8. Sorry to hear it man.....

    Mickey.T :(

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