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costco drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by TheZodiac, Jan 20, 2012.

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    long story short i want to quit my current job and work at costco.

    (good pay, raises, time and ahalf on sundays, union so guaranteed hours at the store near me, etc..)

    anways from all the research ive done online (glassdoor) everyone has said they use saliva test

    although every once and a long time i hear urine

    ive smoked for a long time and itll prob take 1-1.5 months for me to clear out for urine testing . but i do have some quickfix

    should i stop smoking , and start applying in a week? (and just bring quickfix incase they urine test me?)

    or should i just wait out the month or so?

    (ive also decided that im going to quit smoking pretty soon for a while at least, maybe permanently)
  2. permanent ally lol!

  3. i typo'd then tried to fix by right clicking and using spell check without looking lol
  4. Costco does a mouth swab at time of interview/job offer. Usually goes back a few days. Don't smoke for a week and you will do fine

    - I worked there, so I consider these "facts" and not opinions :)
  5. Yeah..I'd just quit smoking until you get the job. You're gambling on a urine test so it depends if you wanna risk it. Personally, I wouldn't.
  6. I used to work at costco..i got the saliva test....should pass with a couple days of no smoke.
  7. Also, when a company urine tests, 99% of the time they will give you paperwork and tell you to go to a lab within 24 hours. That's when the QuickFix is used
  8. If you don't mind taking a little break, you should just cleanse from smoking, work at your current job for another couple weeks, give your "2 weeks notice" (so you could still use that job as a reference) and then apply to Costco. Thats about a months time, check out some self flush techniques in the meantime and you should be laughing, take your first pay check from Costco and enjoy some of your local nuggetry!
  9. to either of the previous employees, do you know if they ever drug test after someone is initially hired?

    (unless they get injured?)

  10. yeah i mean i definitely wont enjoy it but i could use a break anyways.

    at this point im trying to decide if i want to continue smoking in general (life)

    it would be nice to not ever have to worry about getting drug tested and such.

  11. i once applied at carmax after 3 interviews, i was offered a job and as soon as i signed the paperwork they pulled out a cup... lol

    so ive been a bit paranoid ever since :eek:
  12. I work at Costco right now and I was never tested. Maybe it's because everyone in this city smokes weed ... Odd.
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    They might not, but if you hurt yourself on the job they will because they don't want to get sued.
  14. Your sig is the biggest troll ever, it freaked me out lol.

    @OP Just don't do anything like quit your job and expect an interview at another, unless you're that lucky I envy you. I'd suggest chill at your job, cut the smoking, maybe exercise a bit more than usual to speed things up (plus you'll feel great), and apply maybe two weeks or a month into your new life schedule. Best of luck though, I wish I could quit my shitty job and work at the costco right next to it T_T

  15. thats pretty much what im thinking right now. and i really hope i can get the job i had an interview back in December but they could only hire season employees then, so i told the manger straight up that i wasnt looking for season, and he told me that i could always come back and re apply after winter.

    so hopefully ive got good chances, i really need this job (stable hours = stable paycheck)
    and ive got a pos american suv with 150,000 miles (spent thousands fixing it) so i need to get another ride soon.

  16. im from SoCal and have meet more people that've smoked then non lol
    but from what ive heard they still drug test at this location :(
  17. Just got hired at Costco last week.. Took a mouth swab and passed after about 36 hours of not smoking. I also believe I had oxycodone in my system, which I was prescribed for a messed up foot, and that didnt even show up..

    This is what i did: The morning of the test I brushed like 5 times, and used listerine and hydrogen peroxide to gargle. On my way to the test, I drank a dr pepper because I heard that helps you pass.. It must have helped, After that, I smoked a cigarette(optional) and rinsed with listerine one last time.. After the listerine, I drank more dr pepper. I noticed that a weird film was coming off my inner cheeks and gums, so I used a paper towel and wiped all around my mouth to get rid of it(I don't know if that part even matters).. When they gave me the test, I had to hold it in my mouth for two minutes.. The lady said to keep it pressed against my cheek the whole time but I only did that for about 20 seconds, then just let it sit there on my teeth.. Afterwards, they make you wait 8 minutes for the results, which very well may be the longest 8 minutes of your life... The lady came in and said I was good to go and now I start tomorrow.

    .I must say though, the whole brushing and rinsing 5 times will be pretty painful but as many others would agree.. Just Man up, you are getting a job ya know.. I hope this is helpful....Good luck my fellow blazers
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    I have smoked the night before, and got a mouth swab test and I passed. (at sprouts)
    I have heard that the saliva glands secrete the saliva with the thc in it, so it doesnt matter how mant times you brush. One tip is to drink anything and wash your mouth out right before you go in (if you are certain its a swab) but then when they ask you if you have eaten or had anything to drink in the last 15-20 minutes you say "no."
    Heres what I did- before bed I used sesame oil and oil pulled. I did this again in the a.m. and I oil pulled the entire drive to the interview, then used my mouthwash to thouroughly clean out the residue and toxins and any thc contamiated saliva. I passed the test even though I had not had anything to drink for over 20 minutes. I followed the directions precisely and saturated the swab with saliva.( I think that is a good tip to not do that if you are paraniod.)
    If you do not know what oil pulling is it is an Ayurvedic practice that promotes wellness and healing by helping the body detoxify the mouth where many harmful things thrive. I figured the oil pulling would help extract any thc from my salivary glands. I think it worked because I have always heard that you need to quit smoking 24-48 hours prior to the mouth swab. I smoked the night before my interview and it had definately not been 24 hours since my last bowl when I took the test. I am also A heavy smoker not a lightweight!
    Good luck people!

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