Costa Rica bound!-- Goodbye GrassCity

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Well, as some of you may have read, I cannot go to college this semester due to various reasons.

    Heinus Anus put the thought of cheap travel in my head and I jumped at it.:hello:

    Through the organization WWOOF( I will be living on a few organic farms in Costa Rica in exchange for 16-20 hours of work a week. I will need to pay $5/day as well.

    I will be staying there for 3 months and hope to return to school in the Spring semester.

    I hope to get a lot from this experience and really do some soul searching as well as getting a completely different view on life. I love nature and being outdoors and Costa Rica is flooded with cool, and very poisonous , animals lol and huge spiders that I fucking hate!:mad:

    The first farm I will be visiting is owned by a Canadian, hippie looking couple. They also asked me to bring them some rolling papers and tobacco so its lookin good they may smoke bud !:smoke:

    Goodbye for now GC. I will be leaving at an ungodly hour of the 18th. You guys are like a family to me and you all kick ass. Always good knowin no matter what happens I have a cool group of people that accept you no matter what and will listen to you rant, help you with your problems and help you out if you need an answer for any questions.

    Ill be around a little bit in the next few days but I figured I would say goodbye to my family of grass.

    Keep it real for me GC, I'll be back before you know it.

  2. That sounds awesome man! Good luck in all your travels. :wave:
  3. Thanks man, These upcoming bongrips are for you GC
  4. Wow man, that's awesome. I've looked into WWOOF myself, such a cool organization. I'm not really at a point in my life to actually do it, but it sure does sound like a great experience.

    Good luck!
  5. It will be a life changing experience. I am envying you right now. Hope you have a good time and safe travel:wave:. We will be here when you get back:)
  6. Enjoy it! You're so lucky!
  7. have a good time man!

    good luck!
  8. Have fun man, I've looked into WWOOF myself I am gonna sign up soon, and I hope to farm in europe in a year or two.
  9. Dude! Good luck, bro! Man, you got me so jealous now. :)

    Glad you could come over and I could help you out. But, like we talked about it. You and discuss, discuss, and discuss, but until you actually set out and do'll never really understand.

    It is one of the truest forms of soul-searching when throwing your life to the winds. :)

    Ramble on, my friend. :)

    Be safe, smoke plenty of bud, and have a great time. :)
  10. Good luck man, So you take off in 3 days?

    Ill be around, See ya in 3ish months.

    In 3 months you'll notice a HUGE change in me when you come back.
  11. thats awesome man, I just checked that sight out & it would be pretty good to try & get to Ireland through it if I'm ready in the next year.
    but good luck & have a good time
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys. So excited for this man
  13. Peace to you man
  14. I just felt like throwing in a Cool Runnings quote for ya, ha
    Peace Be The Journey
  15. that sounds great, 20 hrs a week isnt much at all, you'll still have a shit load of time to see and do alot in Coasta Rica, im gonna seriously look into this WWOOF

  16. Hell yeah 20 hours is nothing! Gonna have so much free time to explore and meet new interesting people.

    Little depressing though. My parents are movin about 50 minutes north on Sept 28th so Ive been helping constantly with that. But I've lived in the same town for the last 17 years of my life(no im not 17..) and had some of the same best friends since I was 5 or 6.:(

    So When I come back from Costa Rica, I'll be in a different house far away from my friends not knowing anyone. Gonna suck cause this is more than just going away for a few months.:(

    Oh well, better to focus on whats right ahead, Costa Rica!:hello:
  17. Wow man have a great time!!!! Whenever you're near a cyber cafe log on and say hi!! :wave:
  18. same, man.

    I plan on doing it at some point in my life, but currently can't.

    to blaze:
    thats awesome you're doing that man, lots of respect for ya. I remember that thread and thats where I too got the idea for cheap travel and like stated above, plan on trying it out :hello:
  19. Ever since Heinous posted that Cheap Travel thread, it's been stuck in my head. I'll be looking into this much further come Spring 2008. Costa rica seems like an awesome place to do that kind of thing.
  20. (Jealousy sets in)


    Damn you- haha,


    No man seriously, good deal- should be an amazing experience.

    I cannot wait for my day to pack up and leave.

    Soon enough- Heinous needs to educate me on this program as well.

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