Cost of war since 2001 to the US

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    Cost of War to the United States | COSTOFWAR.COM

    And you wonder why some people believe in conspiracies.. do you know how much the oil companies and general warfare makers for the US make off of these wars?

    To this second:
    Total - $1,311,297,661,532
    Iraq - $801,819,684,840
    Afghanistan - $509,478,143,139
  2. there's a politics section for a reason. i know you're just trying to inform the people here but w/e. at least there some of the people actually know what they're talking about.
  3. Iraq- Amount of tax money spent on stealing oil.
    Afghanistan- Amount of money spent on controlling the opium/heroin market.

  4. Too many clicks away
  5. can't discuss other drugs here!
  6. No that's how much they SPENT not gained man. they do gain billions though, just that statistic meant how much the total cost of war.

    So basically it's saying they spent loads of money.
  7. I fucking hate this country, that money could of been used for many other things.
  8. The politics section people already know this stuff, it's time more and more people are aware.

  9. Nah I know haha! I'm just sayin' like how much they made of that.. the cost in total pretty much goes to those companies that produce war materials...

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