Cost of shrooms for 3?

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  1. Me and my best friend and his gf want to do shrooms. We have a watcher (are they necessary?) and a house but we don't want to get over charged. So how much would enough shrooms for 3 people (all beginners) cost? I live near asheville, nc if that helps any.
  2. Each person is going to need at least an eighth, or 3.5 grams each. An eighth is $40 - 60.
  3. WOW! that was quick. thanks craig.
  4. Everyone around me that sells sells for $20 an eighth.
  5. You dont need an eigth... 2 grams and maybe even one gram of shrooms would be enough, but dont quote me on that.

    I know an eigth is a pretty standard amount, but you can definetely take less as a first timer. eigths are usually 40 bucks around here
  6. an eighth for your first time is what i would suggest
  7. it depends on the should probably ask your source how much to start off with. i've gotten shrooms before that you only need to eat a gram of to go wayy out there.

    you could probably get a quarter for 60-80 bucks and divvy that up for a nice trip. have fun!
  8. Would it be cheaper to buy in bulk? Like all 3 8ths at once? What is that called?
  9. Well I know I can get a quater for $50. They go for $25-$30 and eight around here though.
  10. Not necessarily... I've tripped harder than I ever had in my life off of 2.1

  11. nnnnnoooooooooooooooo shrooms are NOT 40-60 an 8th... i have never once in my life paid 40 beans for an 8th of shrooms.....and ive eaten shrooms at least a dozen times...they should be 20-30 an 8th....straight up....35 is pushin it but exceptable if youve got some cash to burn
  12. Caps are sort of rare around here... so unless you know dudes dude thats the price you get em for...

  13. i guess...philly gets some solid drugs and really good prices....i just negociated woah thats spelled wrong a deal involving a qp of purple kush between these two dudes for 800 bones just so i could score a lil free bud from the guy buying it....
  14. Haha word. I middle man all the time.

    You hook someone up with some bud and "tax" a smokes worth. Unless the person your running it to isn't a dick and smokes a bowl with you... shit gas is expensive :p
  15. I say buy a quarter,
    eat about 2.2 grams each (2.3X3 is 6.9gs)
    Here that would be $60-$80 (shitty Wisconsin prices I know)
    but it should run your anywhere from $40-$80 (depending on your location)
  16. Half eighter usually does the trick, but what the hell, a whole one won't hurt :p. I've never EVER heard of paying more than 30 on an eighter, and even that is kinda pricy.
  17. Try an eighth each ($20-$40), and don't worry if you can't get a sitter. Although I've heard of people freaking out on mushrooms, all of my experiences have been great.

  18. No matter who you know, $40 an 1/8th is the norm in Wisconsin
  19. If the shrooms are good, 2-2.5 grams each. If not, 3.5 grams each. I get an 8th for $35, a 1/4 for $60.

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