Cost of living, is outrageous.

Discussion in 'General' started by dvskidsec, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. wow thats pretty sad that you gf has a dislike for all the peoples of whatever ethic decent. Im not saying what happened to her wasn't horrible, but to hold a grudge against an entire race isn't going to help her.
  2. If not more, lol YAY new england.

    But honestly, compared to like Tokyo and stuff, this isn't too bad to pay.

    But I agree the prices are too high, how do they expect people out of college to afford a house when the average house around here starts at 500k?? I sure as hell won't be graduating school with that kind of cash
  3. CT rocks, check out craigslist you can hunt down info for different towns and parts of the states. If you decide on CT let me know what city/town you're thinking of, I could prolly help you avoid some shitty places to live :)
  4. No dude, Maine is cheap, the further North you go though, just be warned the farther you leave humanity behind LOL

    Maine/NH/VT are cheaper to live in then CT/MA/RI when it comes to New England.

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