Cost of living, is outrageous.

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  1. So basically, it's getting to that time when you move on in life and get the fuck out of your parents place, that's the deal with me and my gf and I was hoping you cold help me out a little, you guys all seem real chill so I figure why not ask for your opinions. This next line I MEAN no offense to anyone, I'm not racist, it's just a thing with my gf, long story short when theres alot of people around who arent white she feels cornered due to the fact she was attackted when she was younger and now has lots of panic attacks.

    I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I was looking into apartments 2-3 br apartments under $700 anywhere on the east coast where cost of living isn't rediculous and to put this in the easiest terms I can think of, a "whiter" area. She was thinking CT I was thinking MAINE, but I'm open for anything. Also tehres going to be 2-3 people so rent and bills wont just be on us 2. I'm hoping you guys can help me out on this.


    Moving in with GF and best friend pro's cons? Anyone here with expierience on this topic? LMK what you think of this. Thanks alot guys your all fuckign great.
  2. Move to Utah and become Mormon.
  3. utah sucks

    seriosouly though i need some opinions especially about the having roomates thing
  4. This guys got a good idea.
  5. lol@Boosh.. OP, I gotta say California, you can't go wrong here.
  6. Haha, thats like the total opposite of where he wants to go. I think he wants to be on the east coast.
  7. The Boosh has spoken.

    But really, I live on the east coast, and I havent seen shit out here that is worth anything.
  8. I know he wanted the east coast, but it's California bitch! you can't go wrong here man.
  9. Yeah... Thats actually the best place I can think of inside the US. Unless you like some ghetto shit, I love Miami for that :D
  10. Well Maine is an amazingly beautiful place and the people there are very nice from my experience Maine was a very chill place but the cost of living there if I'm not mistaken is a little high, I know the grocery stores everything seemed a little more steep than where im from.

    Colorado is a good place too, both have decriminalization I believe and theres money to be made in the Boulder area for the creative minds.

    If the cold isn't your style Ohio is kind of nice I suppose also Decriminalized there.

    Moving in with your girl and best friend could be a good thing or bad thing really, I moved in with my best friend when I was 19 for a year it was cool worked out alright but he was a total slob and it annoyed the shit out of me :D
  11. Well its nothing too exotic, and the winters can be a bitch, but I just saw a thing that said Minneapolis has one of the top three highest standards of living for the cheapest.

    Come to Minnesota man, cheap aparments, like way under $700 for a nice one. You can live nice for cheap, and the people are chill. Good pot as well.

    Oh ya, its pretty white for the most part too. But just diverse enough to be fun.

  12. come to Western New York, right next to Canada, there is always something to do and I pay 295 bucks a month for a duplex with two other people.

    my other friend has a house thats a bit bigger and pays 150 a month.

    not to mention you can find a decent job....overall my dollar goes further in Buffalo than when I go back home to visit family on Long Island lol
  13. Anybody who is recommending that he move to California obviously has a seriously well paying job just because I can't think of one place, besides New York City, that the cost of living is worse.
  14. There's a little place called Latham, NY that has some decent places if you can find them.

    Might want to check that out, it's pretty white, lol.
  15. Come to Canada.
  16. Lol a 2-3 bedroom apartment on the esat coast in RHODE ISALND, (thats where i hang my hat.) Will run you about 1100$. Seriously
  17. Thats fro a nice "white" neiborhood.
  18. Jackson Hole Wyoming has the highest cost of living i think for a city. and i know i saw that maybe this year or in 06 but no matter what it hasnt gone down.
  19. well if its black people and mexicans youre scared of you guys could always join the ku klux klan, its pretty white around there... also i hear trailor parks aren't that expensive now a days..
  20. warrington, PA. lol

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