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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by OrangeHairz, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. hey everyone, just have a few questions about the cost of lights.

    how much(estimate) are the following lights?
    400w MH
    250w MH
    100w MH

    100w HPS

    also do you need to have a ballast in order to power these? like what do they plug into?
    if so how much does that cost. this is only for vegging and cloning a few small plants btw.

    any tips suggestions are much appreachited thank!
  2. you can clone and veg with some florescent tubes or cfl's in a relatively small space. Those two options would only cost as much as a normal household lamp since they are regular bulbs. The twisty bulbs (cfl) i think use less power. you should google cfl veg
  3. thanks but i know that and thats not what im asking. in my current grow im using cfls. 4 of em. i want to upgrade but i dont have alot of money to spend on lights. so all i want to know is the prices of those lights.
  4. why dont you try google before posting a ridiculous thread like this... no one is gonna answer this question for you because its right here all over the net! as for the ballast you can buy a system that has one built in.
  5. they mostly come in kits with a ballast, power cord, socket, and a shitty reflector.

    just use HTG. soon as you google that shit you'll see that HTG is the cheapest and very reliable. go with them.

    more watts means more money.
  6. thanks.
  7. well you were dumb enough to reply.

    you could have easly told me how much they cost.

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